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Parcel Delivery

If your purchase is not so large or you want to send some small items together, Parcel Delivery Service is more convenient and less expensive.

Parcel Delivery
Parcel Delivery

On Online order

Order below ¥10,000

Main area ¥990/box
Outside of Main area ¥1,290/box
Okinawa ¥3,000/box

Size & weight

It is applied if the purchased item(s) fit within the limit.

At local store

Order below ¥10,000

Main area ¥990/box
Outside of Main area ¥1,290/box
Okinawa ¥3,000/box

Size & weight

Parcel Delivery Service Fee

Delivery service fee
Main area ¥990
Order of ¥10,000 and above ¥500

Outside of Main Area ¥1,290 | Okinawa ¥3,000 | remote islands* ¥3,000
Order of ¥10,000 and above
Outside of Main area ¥ 700| Okinawa ¥1,500 | Remote island* ¥1,500

*Application for delivery to remote islands is available only at IKEA Store.

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How to Use

Parcel Delivery Box: 50cm x 50cm x 60 cm

Product package (only in case where you apply for the service at IKEA Store): The sum of the three sizes

(height, width & depth) should be less than 160 cm.

Less than 30kg

When shopping at IKEA Online Store
Parcel delivery will automatically apply if your purchases are within the size of our parcel delivery box.

When shopping at IKEA Store
Tell our staff at Delivery Service Counter that your would like to use Parcel Delivery Service after check-out.

Terms and Conditions

  • Parcel Delivery Service is provided by Transport company and subject to the terms and conditions of them.
  • Please kindly pack your purchases on your own when you send your purchases from IKEA Store via Parcel Delivery Service.
  • Packing materials are available at Delivery Service Counter.
  • This service is not available for plant and food.
  • The package size of each article can be found at the reverse side of the product tag or our website.
  • Online shipping fees will apply to orders placed by our staff on your behalf in stores
  • If the purchase amount falls below ¥10,000 due to return etc., we will refund the product price by excluding the difference in service charge.

Track Your Orders

You can check your oneline purchase history from the link below. Please prepare your order number and email adress (or mobile phone number) you used to made a purchase.

Both truck and parcel delivery order statuses can be checked by following the links below.