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Kitchen & appliances

Find the perfect kitchen for you

Whether you’re looking for a complete kitchen system that you can personalise any way you want, or a simpler, yet fully functional kitchen, that you can install in a day, we have a solution to suit your needs, style preference and wallet size.

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A contemporary kitchen with grey concrete walls, black industrial-style windows and UPPLÖV kitchen fronts in anthracite.
A kitchen with UPPLÖV fronts in dark beige against a yellow wall. There is a coffee station on a worktop with marble effect.
A SUNNERSTA kitchen in a dark blue room, with a window, and white table, a hanging pendant lamp and white storage boxes.
An ENHET kitchen with various kitchen appliances and wall storage, a mat on the floor and a hanging lamp above open storage.
A kitchen with pink walls, mosaic floor tiles, a KNOXHULT corner kitchen, black appliances and a trolley with boxes and jars.
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New kitchen storage items for functional neatness

Stylish functionality at your fingertips. These fresh and compact kitchen storage items fit together like a real family. Made of partially recycled plastic, the elegant anthracite colour gives them that minimalist vibe. Affordable storage solvers find a home in any kitchen.

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A pulled-out kitchen drawer revealing neatly organised spice jars on an UPPDATERA sliding organiser, jars and condiments.
A kitchen worktop with marble effect with a stack of grey GLADELIG deep plates organised in an UPPDATERA plate holder.
Three grey UPPDATERA boxes with ribbons, accessories and handkerchiefs sit in a pulled-out drawer and on top of a chest.
A pulled-out kitchen drawer revealing IKEA 365+ pots, lids and chopping boards on an UPPDATERA pegboard drawer organiser.
A pulled-out kitchen drawer revealing cutlery, scissors, and other utensils in an UPPDATERA adjustable drawer organiser.
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New kitchen storage solutions for a stylish kitchen

This handy trolley and basket are designed to be practical and keep your kitchen tidy and clutter-free. They also happen to look great and can really add a magical touch to your décor.

Two NISSAFORS trolleys in pale green with pots, kitchen textiles, jars with peanuts and cornflakes against a chip-board wall.
A kitchen with two grey-beige RISATORP baskets placed on either side of a sink. One is clad with paper and has herbs in it.

Kitchen appliances for every home and budget

Are you planning a new kitchen or improving an existing one? At IKEA you can find the perfect set of quality appliances to fit your kitchen and cooking needs.

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A kitchen with ANRÄTTA appliances in stainless steel stacked on top of each other. There is a cake baking in the oven.
A kitchen in traditional style with grey and beige walls and ENKÖPING fronts. Vegetables are roasting in a MATTRADITION oven.
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