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Virtual "Home" Backgrounds for Video Calls

Get complimented on your new “home” during next video call. IKEA’s Rooms Gallery has a variety of rooms that are perfect for any occasion from professional settings to online happy hours with friends. Dream a little and try on different rooms. You can also check out products that are used in each room so you can make them yours in real life!

Virtual "Home" Backgrounds for Video Calls

Video Call Tips

Light Your Face

Open up the curtains during the day and let natural light in the room. Make sure you are facing the direction of the light source to avoid unflattering shadows. Use desk lamps or floor lamps to add more lighting.

Raise Your Camera

Try a Laptop Support and angle the camera a little higher. Your face will look sharper that way.

Virtual Background Gallery

How would you use our virtual background images? Share your photo on Instagram with #家でイケアとできること . (See participation details and rules here.)

Please read the rules before you download the images.

For Work

Creative Vibes

Download      Explore the Room

Collaborating with Coworkers

Download      Explore the Room

At a Neighborhood Cafe

Download      Explore the Room

Presence of Family

Download      Explore the Room

Blue for Better Concentration

Download      Explore the Room

Chef's Kitchen

Download      Explore the Room

For Online Happy Hour

Wine Tasting Party

Download      Explore the Room

Elegant Colors

Download      Explore the Room

Bring a Sunglass and a Hat

Download      Explore the Beach

Brunch in Bedroom

Download      Explore the Room

Handsome Kitchen

Download      Explore the Room

Virtual Family & Pets

A Day in the Life with a Cat 1

A Day in the Life with a Dog 1

Living Room Invaded by a Parrot

Hide and Seek with Virtual Family

A Day in the Life with a Cat 2

A Day in the Life with a Dog 2

Enjoy Outdoor Living Spaces Online and Offline!

New backgrounds added on May 19, 2020!

All You Need Is a Glass of Lemonade

Breakfast on a Balcony

Enjoy Summer Night Breeze

Spontaneous Lakeside Concert

Late Summer Afternoon

Download      Explore the Room

Serene Dining Room

Download      Explore the Room

Explore by Room

"Rainbow Pride Parade" Backgrounds

Virtual Background Usage Rules

  • All background images are intended for personal use only. Commercial use of the images (e.g., for advertising) is prohibited.
  • All background images are copyrighted work of Inter IKEA Systems B.V. and you may not copy, distribute, reproduce or publish them. Please use a link to this page when you are referring a third party to the images.
  • Please refer to the information provided by your video call platform on how to change your backgrounds.

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