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How to care for a real fir tree used for Christmas

How to care for a real fir tree used for Christmas

Types of real fir tree used for Christmas tree

Every year at Christmas time, IKEA sells real fir trees, which are decorated as Christmas trees. IKEA sells Nordmann fir, a conifer with beautiful dark green leaves. It takes 10 years to grow to 1-2m, but it is the most popular type of fir tree used as a Christmas tree. This fir tree has no sharp leaves and is durable and will not fall even in a dry indoor environment (however, when the leaves die, they fall). The strong and solid branches make it perfect for decorating Christmas decorations and ornaments.

How to take care a real fir tree

It would be sad if the leaves of the real fir tree falls before Christmas. Here’s how to take care of it to keep a healthy fir tree until Christmas. 

1. After taking it home, leave it outdoors or in a cold place such as a garage for a day. Be careful not to expose it to wind or direct sunlight to prevent the fir tree from drying out.

2. If you want to keep it for a few days, cut the root of the trunk straight about 3 cm. By doing this, water can be sucked up better.

3. The fir tree will need plenty of water for the first few hours (about 3ℓ). Check for water loss daily and replenish water as needed. Prepare a bucket of water, keep the fir tree upright, and soak the roots in water.

4. Shake the tree lightly and remove the fallen leaves if any, before bringing it indoors.

5. Before decorating Christmas ornaments and other decorations, cut the root of the trunk again by about 3 cm.

6. Fill the tree stand with plenty of water and set the fir tree. Check for water loss daily and replenish water as needed. At this time, make sure that the cut end of the tree is always submerged in water. 

7. Install it away from the source of fire, heaters, and TVs

How to dispose your fir tree after Christmas

If you bought a real fir tree at IKEA, you can redeem a coupon by returning the tree together with the purchase certificate it to your local IKEA store after Christmas. IKEA is responsible for reusing the returned fir tree in an environmentally friendly manner. This service is limited to IKEA Family members

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