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How to decorate the plants to make your interior stand out

How to decorate the plants to make your interior stand out

If there is fresh green in the room, that alone will heal your mind. This time, we will show plants that add color to the interior space, which are easy to grow even for beginners. Let's see how you can combine interior style and plants. 

01 Plants are an important item as part of the interior 

Most of the plants are from tropical and subtropical areas such as South America and Southeast Asia. In the tropics, there are many plants with unique leaf shapes and tree shapes, and because of their beautiful appearance, they are taken overseas for the purpose of viewing rather than growing, and are called "houseplants (interior plants)". In other words, as the name suggests, plants used as interiors brings a stylish color to the interior of the room.

02 Combing plants that are easy to grow even for beginners 

Plants which are originally from tropical countries and have strong vitality, are adaptable to the environment and are generally considered to be "easy to grow". Among them, varieties that are easy to grow even for beginners are easy to combine with the interior because they can me place almost anywhere in the room. Here are some of the plants which is easy to grow. 

Plants which grows big

Pachira, rubber trees, and banyan trees, which have high water retention and are resistant to dryness, are large and strong plants. Since it is resistant to dryness, it does not need to be watered frequently.However, be careful as it is not strong againt the cold. In winter, if the indoor temperature is around 10 ° C, most plants can survive the winter, but if you choose a plant that is resistant to the cold, Strelitzia reginae will be a the best choice. Strelitzia reginae include Strelitzia nicolai (Augusta), which grows large, and Strelitzia reginae, which grows not that much. 

   [Resistant to dryness] The atmosphere of the plant changes depending on the tailoring of the branches and leaves.

Rubber trees
   [Resistant to dryness] A wide variety of fashionable varieties. Growths fast.

   [Resistant to dryness] The trunk is characteristic. It has strong vitality and is easy to grow.

   [Resistant to cold] Large thick leaves create a relaxing mood.

Plants which grows horizontally

If you want to place plants on bay windows or furniture, we recommend the type in which the volume of the leaves spreads mainly in the horizontal direction. For example, how about Monstera and Serome? Both are plants which grows even in dark places with little sunlight, so they are also suitable for installation in places where sunlight is difficult to enter, such as around washrooms and entrances. 

   [Easy to grow even in dark places, resistant to cold] The large leaves with deep cuts are impressive.

   [Easy to grow even in dark places, resistant to cold] The leaves are slightly slimmer than Monstera.

Plants which grows vertically

Plants that grow vertically are suitable for places where there is no large space on the side but there is a high ceiling, such as the landing of stairs and the entrance. Sansevieria, which continues to grow directly above without spreading sideways, is a plant that grows easily even in the shade and has a characteristic striped leaves. 

   [Resistant to dryness] The shape of the straight leaves that grows up has a cool impression. 

Plants which grows slowly

Place a convenient and cute cactus in small spaces. Since it grows slowly, you don't have to worry about getting them to grow too big. However, you need to be careful about thorns. Why don't you manage it by putting it in something like a mini greenhouse that doubles as a display so that you don't accidentally touch it. 

   [Resistant to dry] Strong to dryness, but not good at cold. Avoid dark places. 

Plants which grows with vines

By hanging, you can enjoy the beauty of the hanging leaves of the vine-stretching plant. Potos is a typical example. There are many varieties such as bright yellow-green lime potos and those with spots on the leaves, and it is a plant that you can choose according to the taste of the interior. In addition, Rhipsalis, a type of forest cactus, is popular for its unique appearance in which the leaves of stick-shaped stems containing water. It goes well with modern interiors. 

   [Easy to grow even in dark places, resistant to dryness] It doesnot need to be watered frequently. Stretch the vines and grow.

   [Easy to grow even in dark places, resistant to dryness, resistant to cold] It can grow in any conditions.

   [Resistant to dryness] It is resistant to dryness because it is a member of the cactus, but it is not good at cold weather.

03 Styling samples on interior with plants 

Let's take a look at how to combine interiors and plants and how to style them in interiors with various tastes. 

Natural modern (cold colors)  × Pachira

The interior is based on blue and white, which is popular in Scandinavian style and West Coast style. It has a refreshing impression that makes you imagine the connection with the sky. Since the area of cool colors is large, choose a large plant with volume so that you do not get a cold impression, and adds a fresh feeling of life. Pachira, which has multiple leaves that open like a star, fits neatly into modern interiors because the leaves do not overlap with each other. 

Since pachira grows large, you can enjoy it for a long time while changing the installation location, such as starting to grow on a shelf or chest and then placing it on the floor as it grows. If it becomes large, it will have a strong presence as a symbol tree of the room.

Simple modern(Warm colors)  × Pachira

Pachira, which has a light impression with little overlap of leaves, matches warm-colored interiors. For example, a simple modern style of warm colors that combines a beige rug with a red sofa and a combination of pachira on the floor gives a natural impression. Green accents are extremely effective for simple interiors. If you want to place a large red furniture among the warm colors, it is a good idea to increase the "green" of the plants so that it blends in with the surrounding interior. 

If you have space for the ceiling height, we recommend a large pachira. If you want to add height and create a strong presence, place it on a side table or chair and display it. It makes the space look vertically long. It's also a good idea to place a small pot of plants by the window or in the shelf as an extension of your line of sight when sitting on the couch. 

Natural modern(Scandinavian style) × Monstera

In the grayish cool Scandinavian interior, the leaf color of Monstera shines even more, giving off a freshness feeling to the entire room. Plants such as monstera and cerome are recommended when you want to place it in a room with a little sunlight. 

In the interior example, it is displayed on the table so that you can see Monstera in front of you while sitting at the dining table. This is an effective arrangement that makes it easier for you to see Monstera when you are seated. If you place tall, grown large plants (Pachira and Strelitzia reginae) on the living room side, they will be well-balanced.

Natural chic × Serome

The leaves of Serome have a simple leaf shape than Monstera, giving it a stylish impression. It goes well with the natural chic style that combines woody monotone based furniture. If you have a bay window with plenty of width, you can see the growing Serome every day. 

Serome plants are resistant to shade and cold, so they are easy to manage in winter and by the window. Why don't you choose small plants such as Sansevieria and Potos for the living room, with the dining cellom as the main plant? 

Natural chic × rubber trees・ Strelitzia

Rubber trees and Strelitzia with oval leaves give the interior of the room a slightly softer look. Both are fast-growing, so it's a good idea to buy a medium-sized one that can be placed by the window or on a table. After growing to a large size, you can enjoy it on the floor by replanting it. 

Natural chic × Sansevieria

The straight and sharp leaves of Sansevieria are impressive. It is a plant that is easy to placed even in a relatively small space and is easy to use as an accent in the interior space. When placing medium to small plants such as Sansevieria, it is recommended to use a flower stand or side table. The relaxing effect will be enhanced if you can see the plants at the position of your eyes when you sit on the sofa. 

If you like a little unique plant, why not try a small banyan tree. Banyan tree is popular as a large and strong plant, but when small, they give a different look. Even a small banyan tree has a natural wild taste from the appearance of the roots that grow from the trunk. Also, each one has a different appearance, so you can enjoy finding and decorating your favorite one. 

Natural chic(Shelf) × Potos

Potos is one of the most popular plant that are easy to grow.Potos grows fast and has the characteristic of growing vines and making offsprings. If you grow it with the force to completely cover the top of the shelf with leaves, even one pot of Potos will be a display with outstanding impact. 

In addition, the vines and leaves of plants that have been cut can quickly transformed into a cool display by inserting them into a glass vase. It is also a fashionable idea to display it side by side with other plants and goods on a shelf or table.

Natural modern(Shelf) × Rhipsalis

Rhipsalis is a relatively new type of plant, and it may be hard to imagine its appearance just by its name. When it grows, it is characterized by its sticky leaves that grow in a unique shape. If you want a different styling than the standard one, why not try a unique plant like Rhipsalis. 

There are many types of Rhipsalis, so it's good to display them side by side in different sizes and shapes. Place it on a shelf and enjoy the unique leaves that hang long as they grow. 

For example, if you display a small Rhipsalis and a cute cactus mini pot together inside the shelf, you can create a healing space like a greenhouse.

04 The styling of plants enhances the stylishness of the interior. 

Many plants that are easy to grow may be familiar. However, even such a standard item will give a stylish impression if you coodinate the way you place them in your room. If you grow plants carefully, you can spend a long time with them, and depending on your styling, you can match them with any taste. 

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