FICUS Potted plant, bonsai, 12 cm
Article Number303.706.79

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Native to South East Africa.Slow growing.This plant is sensitive to temperature changes. This may be the cause if the leaves start to fall off.
Article Number303.706.79
  • Plant/ Substrate:Cultivated potted plant
    Pot:Polypropylene plastic
    WaterWater moderately.
    TemperatureMinimum temperature 12°C.
    PlacementFor indoor usePlace in a light area, out of direct sunlight.
    Only for decoration, not suitable for consumption.
  • FICUSPotted plantArticle no303.706.79
    Length: 30 cmWeight: 0.58 kgDiameter: 20 cmPackage(s): 1

Product size

Diameter of plant pot: 
12 cm
Height of plant: 
25 cm



Potted plant, bonsai12 cm

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FICUS Potted plant, bonsai, 12 cm


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