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Let's play as much as we can!​

When we play, we learn, develop, experience and grow. Our creativity expands. Our bonds strengthen. We de-stress.That’s why we at IKEA believe in children’s right to play and in play as a basic need of every single human being.Because we'll be highlighting how, by simply seeing home as a playground, building play into each day can be easy – as easy as, well, child’s play!

Bring more play into your everyday life.

Cuddly friends perfect for new adventures!

It's tough being a soft toy at IKEA

We have to live up to many hard demands to be sure we can take living with your child. Most important is that we don't have any loose parts, which is why we all have sewn eyes. But that's not all. We also have to be able to take tugs-of-war, sharp milk teeth and dizzying journeys in the washing machine. First, when prove that we can live up to all these demands, are we allowed to go home with your child to be fussed over and hugged. We love to be hugged!    

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SAGOSKATT limited collection designed by children

Our annual drawing competition encourages children around the world to create the soft toy of their dreams. Of the 66 259 imaginative entries we received last year, 5 were selected and turned into real soft toys. The collection SAGOSKATT is one of our many contributions to support all children together with IKEA Family donation for kids.

  • I drew a prehistoric dodo bird that looks goofy with his tongue sticking out.

    Nick, 10

  • This cat is blue, the colour of dreams. A happy friend who likes people who are kind to animals.

    Liepa, 8

  • I like to see eggs fry – the fun shapes they make, and so delicious!

    Zosia, 7

  • My mermaid-dog lives in the sea and helps people and animals who get into trouble.

    Savva, 9

  • Peanut butter and Jelly are best friends. Together they taste great!

    Audrey, 9

Dream Kids Hotdog drawing Contest

Sketch your dream Hotdog menu and send it to us ! Winner's Sketch will become a part of our menu in 2022.

Submission Date
Nov. 25th (Thu.) to Dec. 26th (Sun.) 2021
Children under 12 years
How to entry:
1. Download Application form
2. Create a sketch of dream hotdog
3. Upload your sketch data from below

Gift to all applicant! We will give out
IKEA MATVRÅ Cook book!
Enjoy cooking with your children.

FABLER BJÖRN kid’s omelet rice

"Bjorn's omelet rice" drawn by Rino-chan, the grand prize winner of the dream kid’s meal contest, has finally been made into a real kid’s meal!


IKEA Family price
¥ 490
Regular price ¥ 600

You can get one
*You can choose soccer balls only during Let's Play.

Spot the difference

Do you want to play spot the difference SAGOSKATT activity at home?
There are 8 differences ! Can you find them all ?

Distribution period at stores
Oct. 7th Thu., 2021 - till finishes

*The number of tickets distributed per day is limited.
*For children under 12 years of age

"Guess me" game

Can you tell who it is from behind? Let's guess which one is which!

Who am I?

I cannot count numbers.

Who am I?

I curl up and sleep.

Who am I?

I live underwater.

Who am I?

We are best friends.

Who am I?

I like practicing yoga and football.

Please try again!

IKEA's efforts

The remodeling of Nagakute City Transportation Children's Park in Aichi Prefecture has been completed with the sales amount of the SAGOSKATT limited collection in 2021.

2021 Activity Report

Thank you for participating in the Let's Play campaign in 2021. In fiscal 2021, we were able to donate 60 items to childcare facilities nationwide, provide furniture to create a comfortable environment, and remodel the SAGOSKATT limited collection in conjunction with IKEA Family Children's Funding.

How IKEA develops safe products

If I can't feel safe at home, where should I feel safe?Based on this idea, IKEA places safety at the center of each stage of product development.Repeat product testing to confirm that IKEA products are durable, sustainable and safe to use.