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Let's Play! With friends of the sea!

This year's Let's Play campaign features the BLÅVINGAD collection. A sustainable collection born out of children's love for the environment. At IKEA stores, we hold free “Take our sea friends quiz!” where children can learn about sea creatures while playing. It provides kids with the opportunity to not only think about sea creatures but also to raise their awareness on environmental issues. At the bistro, Kotoyoshi-kun's work, which won the Grand Prize in the Dream Kids Hotdog Drawing Contest held in 2021, will be added to our menu!

Immersed in play

At IKEA, we believe that play is critical for kids’ development and growth. The collection includes a submarine playset, cuddly soft toys and arts and crafts that will encourage curious little ones to discover the world.

Discover about the BLÅVINGAD collection
Discover about the BLÅVINGAD collection

Six popular toys

Cuddly friends perfect for new adventures!

It's tough being a soft toy at IKEA

We have to live up to many hard demands to be sure we can take living with your child. Most important is that we don't have any loose parts, which is why we all have sewn eyes. But that's not all. We also have to be able to take tugs-of-war, sharp milk teeth and dizzying journeys in the washing machine. First, when prove that we can live up to all these demands, are we allowed to go home with your child to be fussed over and hugged. We love to be hugged!

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Småland (child care service) will resume sequentially

IKEA Fukuoka Shingu, IKEA Sendai, and IKEA Shinmisato's Småland (child care service) is scheduled to resume sequentially from early November. For details, please check the store page of each store.

IKEA's efforts

IKEA Family donation for kids

With our vision "to create a better everyday life for the many people", IKEA Japan conducts various social support activities.

The IKEA Family donation for kids is based on the IKEA concept that "children are the most important people in the world". Every time a customer presents an IKEA Family number, IKEA Japan will save 10 yen. With  this reserve, we donate IKEA products to facilities within the vicinity of the IKEA store that support the growth of children,  everything from interior design to installation.

How IKEA develops safe products

If I can't feel safe at home, where should I feel safe?Based on this idea, IKEA places safety at the centre of each stage of product development. Repeat product testing to confirm that IKEA products are durable, sustainable and safe to use.

Parcel delivery

Delivery service can be used from one accessory product.

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