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5 reasons why a folding mattress is recommended over a bed or a futon.

Can't place a bed because of limited space,
But want a comfortable mattress. . .
Here are 5 reasons RAUDSAND folding mattress is recommended.

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Reason 1: Comfort of a bed in a small room, with no bed

If you live alone with a 1K or one-room and your bedroom doesn't have enough space for a bed, the folding mattress is the best choice. The mattress side is made of a mesh material with excellent ventilation and can be placed directly on the floor without using a bed. Ideal for using on tatami and lofts. It can also be used as a mattress when you purchase a bed in the future.

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Reason 2: Pocket spring structure that promises comfortable sleep

Pocket spring is the structure of the mattress. The springs wrapped in individual bag moves independently to support your body. In addition, less vibration is transmitted which will not disturb the partner's sleep.It can be used like a futon and gives comfort of sleeping in bed.

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Reason 3: The mattress folds like a futon

RAUDSAND can be folded and stored in a closet. You can lay it down when you sleep and easily store it neatly by folding it. You can get the comfort of a mattress even in a small room with no space for a bed. Also useful for sudden visitors.

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Reason 4: The size can be easily changed

To have a doube bed in your room, there needs to be a very large space. However, by connecting two of these folding mattresses,it can be used for families. By expanding the width up to 180cm, it can be expanded to the size of a double bed. When not in used, it can be easily folded.

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Reason 5: Safe for children

The mattress is only 14.5cm thick, so children will not get injured even if they fall. Lay it out quickly during a nap and fold it up when not in use.

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