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Stay warm this winter

Winter can be freezing cold, but with some tips and ideas, you can keep the cold outside and have a warm and cozy home.

Warm Bed linen

The thick, fluffy fleece fabric feels soft against the skin and stores heat from your body – keeping you from feeling chilly during cold evenings and nights.

Brown Coordination

Coordinated with dark brown for a calm atmosphere.

White Coordination

Coordinated in clean white.

Grey Coordination

Coordinated in stylish gray.

Warm mattress protectors


SPÄDNARV is perfect when you’re feeling a bit chilly since the viscose in the outer fabric is woven in a way that allows the mattress cover to absorb moisture and store heat. You can lie directly on the mattress cover, without needing sheets.

Bed Linen | Duvet

IKEA Duvet’s Good points 

  • The duvet is machine-washable at 60°C, a temperature that kills dust mites. 

  • Love it or exchange it!
    90 days return of pillows and comforters

  • We have Inner stuffing From duck down & duck feathers to polyester etc. You can choose your favorite duvet materials depend on your lifestyle and preference.

  • We mainly use recycle materials for inner stuffing.


The cloud-like feel of this duvet is simply a dream of luxury and well-being. 

The stitched retain the heat, giving you a warmer sleep environment.

Our First line of duvet FJÄLLHAVRE series has stitched inner walls. It creates extra warmth. 

Find Duvets by materials 

Why you should care about which

Are you feeling cold at night? Are you sweating a lot while you sleep? Finding the right temperate Duvet can reduce the amount of times you wake up at night, because you feel uncomfortable. 

Duvet Warm

A good choice if you often feel cold while sleeping.

Duvet Extra Warm

Our Warmest duvet.

Duvet All season(set of 2 duvets)

A good choice if you want to vary the warmth of your duvet depending on the season.

Duvet Light Warm

A good choice if you often feel warm while sleeping.