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Make your home warm like a café

It's time to relax with a hot drink. Stay cozy with IKEA coffee items, small furniture, and accessories that change your home into your dream café.

Essential items for making good coffee 

Of course, the basic items for brewing shop-worthy coffee and tea are essential, but don't forget to prepare containers to preserve the flavor of the coffee, or trays to enjoy snacks with it.

In living and dining rooms

Living rooms and dining rooms are the main areas to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Comfortable chairs, sofas, and cushions are a must when creating a cozy area to relax.

    Everywhere can be your relaxing space

    From the study to the bed, you can create a café space anywhere in the house with bed trays and easy-to-carry coffee tables. Lighting and greenery are also important for creating a comfortable atmosphere.

      How to brew French press coffee

        The French press is a good brewing method for beginners as it is easy to taste the true richness and depth of coffee and brews with a more consistent taste than the drop method.

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