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We all organise a little differently.

What does “good storage” mean to you? Just as everyone is individual in character, so is our storage. The way we all organise doesn’t have to be perfect. There are some things we want to show, others we want to hide. The way we organise is reflected in our personality. With IKEA, everyone can discover the right one for them.


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Until 31 December 2023.

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Before & After 

Sometimes it can feel like you're swimming in stuff - mess takes over and rooms become overwhelming. Often, a little inspiration can set you on your way to creating spaces that work for you.

For closet storage

The key to closet storage is to use height. Hanging storage SKUBB is recommended ffor storing frequently used small items. Drawer storage is convenient for the space available at the bottom.

For kitchen (refrigerator) storage

Organizing the inside of the refrigerator not only keeps it neat and tidy, but also saves energy. By having clear storage containers in the same shape, you can stack them and see at a glance what is stored where. IKEA 365+ is microwave and oven safe, so you can save the number of plate to wash.

For desk storage

Trolley storage like RÅSHULT is perfect for things you want to put away quickly, like stationery. It can be used as a side desk to extend your workspace, and its wheels make it easy to tuck away under your desk after work.