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Closet Storage: Best Ideas and Items

How to organize your closet storage with our tips and ideas.

Explore our favorite storage items that help keeping drawers, closets and racks organized with no effort. 

Let's think about how to organize the closet storage for each place     

01 Rail - Hanging solution

The heart of your closet where you want to store your favourite and most precious items. There are different kind of hangers for ants, blouses and accessories. To keep your closet tidy, we recommend to unify the design of your hangers. 

A hanging storage solution is convenient if you don't have a shelf. You can keep small items such as shirts, scarfs, hats, and bags. The best part: unlike keeping your items hidden in a box, you can see all you items at a glance. 

Keep your coats, seasonal clothing and ceremonial clothes in a good shape with clothes covers, that prevent dust and other damage. If you're worried about moisture build up, make sure to use well-ventilated covers with airholes. 

02 Boxes/drawers under hanging solution 

Drawer storage works well to store T-shirts, socks, underwear, and whatever else you don't want to hang on the rail. To keep your drawers tidy and things organized you can add small boxes as a partition. 

Stackable storage boxes can be arranged and rearranged in a flexible way. When you organize you hanging clothes by length, you can fit the boxes perfectly underneath.

MULIG coat hunger is a good solution to make more space to hung in the closet. 

03 Boxes for top shelves 

The shelves in the closet are high and difficult to reach, so it's best to store things that are out of season or that you don't use often.We recommend to use a box with handles and made from light material, so that it can be easily taken out and won't hurt you even when it falls. If you plan to store it for a long time,it's best to use a box with lid, to keep out dust and dirt.

04 Outside of closet 

If you have a limited space in the closet, take a look under your bed. You can find a small space to clothes and other items that are not in season.  

Is your handbag always laying around somewhere? Add a simple door hook and make a forever home for them. 

Winter is coming and you have no space to hang your coats? Clothes racks are ideal for that. Also if you need some temporary storage, they can give a hand in that. 

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