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Cosy cottage kitchen in the big city

Bring a piece of the countryside into the urban city. Turn your small kitchen into a homey space with microgreens, a tiny dining nook and white paneled door fronts that remind them of the rural life left behind.

Find storage space in the smallest of places. Sliding units are ideal for storing spice boxes and other small items.

Keep things open. Place storage shelves above the worktop to make it easy to grab plates and serve dinner fresh from the pot. Use a rail to hang kitchen utensils that you use frequently: spoons, forks, ladels, chopping boards...the list goes on.

Subtle hints of style bring big personality to this kitchen: spindle-like tap knobs, leafy wallpaper and plants by the window can help create a countryside mood.

Create your own little garden indoors. Mount multiple rails on a wall to grow small plants, herbs, and other microgreens. Nothing is fresher than homegrown produce!