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Smart lighting

Lighting is important for well-being. We know because we’ve done a lot of research on light and how to make the most of it at home. That’s why we made smart light that’s ready to use. It’s wireless lighting you can turn on/off, dim and adjust its colour, temperature and more from anywhere at home.

Your light switches won’t like this

It’s easy to forget about the VALLHORN motion sensor. Place it anywhere in your home – it reacts to your movement, turning on up to 10 light sources exactly when needed. You can even control it remotely through the Home Smart app. It works with regular walking, moonwalking, twerking and chicken dance.

Video: A side view of a tiled wall with a white VALLHORN wireless motion sensor on it, next to a mirror cabinet and over two hooks.
A close-up of a VALLHORN wireless motion sensor placed on a table in light wood next to a smartphone.