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SMAKSAK series

Traditional design for modern cooking

The SMAKSAK oven and microwave combi oven combine traditional design with all the modern functions you need. Your kitchen gets a coordinated look and you get to create memorable dinners.

A SMAKSAK forced-air oven in black and roasting tin of food inside, and a SMAKSAK combi microwave oven in black above.

A hot look for hot cooking

The forced air oven can cook several dishes at once without compromising on taste. The fan-forced air spreads the heat quickly, so your cooking is perfect and ready on time.

A SMAKSAK forced-air oven in stainless steel with a pot on top and various kitchen items hanging from a rail on the wall.

    Your guarantee for traditional flavour

    The SMAKSAK series has modern touch controls, is perfect for smaller kitchens and comes with a 5-year guarantee, so you’ll have lots of great cooking to look forward to.

    A SMAKSAK forced-air oven in stainless steel with trays of mixed vegetables, green vegetables and meatballs cooking inside.

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