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Whatever the occasion, food is more enjoyable when you have something nice to present it on. As well as lots of basic essentials that always fit in, we have serveware designed to match the main styles in our dinnerware. So you can dish up a completely coordinated table whenever you want.

There is nothing lazy about this lazy susan

The new APTITLIG lazy susan is quite a hard-working product and can be used for everything from decoration and storing to organising condiments. The turning function and discreet handle make it easy for everyone around the dinner table to reach their favourite condiments or dish.

An APTITLIG lazy susan, made from bamboo, with salt, herbs, and condiments, against a bright blue background.
Video: A video of an APTITLIG lazy susan, made from bamboo, spinning. It has different spices and condiments on it.

Natural style served by SMÖRLING trays

The new SMÖRLING serving trays are not just for serving food – they’re works of art on their own! Crafted from the cut-offs of our production of other wooden products, these trays feature textured surfaces and distinct wood patterns, making them perfect for showcasing decorative items.

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Multiple pieces of the SMÖRLING set-of-two serving trays are symmetrically arranged on a wooden surface with wood shavings.
The SMÖRLING set-of-two serving trays are set on a wooden surface, the smaller tray is placed on top of the larger one.
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