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LAGAN series

Basic kitchen functions with coordinated style

The LAGAN series gives you all your basic functions at an affordable price, with clean design of oven, hob and extractor hood and more. All coordinated for a great kitchen experience.

A LAGAN freestanding fridge/freezer in white in the corner of a kitchen with a mat on the floor and a paper bag of food.

    Easy-cook, easy-clean hob

    This 2-zone induction hob offers fast and precise heat control and the smooth surface wipes clean easily. The child lock means it’s safer for families too.

    A LAGAN induction hob, plug-in with two zones, in black, with a pot of potatoes on the top and two plants in plant pots.

    Clean dishes, cleaner environment

    Want to do the dishes, reduce your bills and help the planet all at once? The dishwasher has all the basic functions you need for a cleaner kitchen and is both water and energy saving. Less energy means lower bills.

    A LAGAN integrated dishwasher in white, with the door open, and diverse plates, glasses and cutlery inside.

    Basic kitchen utility guaranteed

    This series brings you all your basic kitchen functions, fridge, dishwasher and extractor hood for a cleaner environment and every-day cooking and baking with everything at hand, all with a 2-year guarantee.

    A LAGAN wall-mounted extractor hood in stainless steel, above a pot on a hob, two bottles and a plant in a plant pot.