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Restaurant kitchens are equipped with open shelves. That’s because it's practical to have things at hand and in plain sight when cooking. Inspired by professionals, we created KUNGSFORS wall-mounted kitchen shelves and accessories. Even if we’re not chefs, we can still benefit from a good workflow.

Heavy duty kitchen wall storage

Smart and flexible wall storage made from durable materials that are corrosion resistant. Complete with suspension rails, shelves, hooks and containers, you can get your own restaurant style kitchen storage and save valuable space on your worktop.

A room with KUNGSFORS wall storage holding cooking pots, bottles, plates and diverse kitchen utensils and bins on the floor.

Get the kitchen storage you want, exactly the way you want it

Fully customisable open storage for visible and easy-to-access kitchen workflow. You can get exactly the set-up you need, whether you’re a budding chef or just someone making a nice dinner for the family.

A room with KUNGSFORS wall storage holding dishes and diverse kitchen items above a sink and a SKOGSÅ worktop in oak veneer.

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