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Cushions & cushion covers

They're cosy, soft and make everything comfier. Plus, sofa cushions are a super affordable way to change the feel of your room in no time flat. So go for it—opt for fresh new colours, patterns, and textures that will breathe new life into your space. Pile ‘em high and prepare for ultimate comfort.

Refresh your room with boutique style

With their contemporary look, these new GULDFLY cushion covers are guaranteed to own the room. In two elegant shades and made from thick cotton with a jacquard woven pattern, they demand attention from all angles. The vintage feel gives any bed or sofa an instant boost – and is an easy shortcut to hotel chic.

Six shelves each holding three cushions covered with GULDFLY covers in dark yellow/off-white and anthracite/off-white.
Three cushions on a yellow shelf covered in dark yellow/off-white GULDFLY covers. Another cushion is on the shelf beside it.

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More optionsGURLI Cushion cover 40x58 cm

GURLI Cushion cover, red, 40x58 cm

More optionsGURLI Cushion cover 50x50 cm

GURLI Cushion cover, deep green, 50x50 cmGURLI Cushion cover, golden-yellow, 50x50 cmGURLI Cushion cover, light pink, 50x50 cm

More optionsFJÄDRAR Cushion pad 50x50 cm

FJÄDRAR Cushion pad, grey, 40x58 cmFJÄDRAR Cushion pad, off-white, 65x65 cm

More optionsPIPRANKA Cushion cover 50x50 cm

PIPRANKA Cushion cover, pink, 50x50 cmPIPRANKA Cushion cover, dark blue, 50x50 cm

More optionsGULDFLY Cushion cover 50x50 cm

GULDFLY Cushion cover, anthracite/off-white, 50x50 cm

More optionsMAJBRÄKEN Cushion cover 50x50 cm

MAJBRÄKEN Cushion cover, black-blue, 50x50 cm

More optionsINNER Cushion pad 50x50 cm

INNER Cushion pad, white/firm, 40x58 cmINNER Cushion pad, white/firm, 65x65 cm

More optionsKÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion 40x40 cm

KÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion, light beige, 40x40 cmKÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion, light green, 40x40 cmKÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion, green, 40x40 cm

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 65x65 cm

SANELA Cushion cover, light brown-red, 65x65 cmSANELA Cushion cover, dark grey, 65x65 cmSANELA Cushion cover, light olive-green, 65x65 cm

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 40x58 cm

SANELA Cushion cover, light beige, 40x58 cmSANELA Cushion cover, yellow-beige, 40x58 cmSANELA Cushion cover, orange-brown, 40x58 cm

More optionsEBBATILDA Cushion cover 50x50 cm

EBBATILDA Cushion cover, light grey-green, 50x50 cm

More optionsKRANSBORRE Cushion 40 cm

KRANSBORRE Cushion, light pink, 40 cm

More optionsÅSVEIG Cushion cover 50x50 cm

ÅSVEIG Cushion cover, pink, 50x50 cm

More optionsGURLI Cushion cover 65x65 cm

GURLI Cushion cover, dark grey, 65x65 cm
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