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Chests of drawers & drawer units

A chest of drawers that suits you, your clothes and your space means no more cold mornings searching for your socks. Ours come in styles that match our wardrobes and in different sizes so you can use them around your home, for instance a tall chest of drawers in a narrow hall.

A chest of drawers to match or to stand out

Let your chest of drawers blend in by placing it in between other storage units in the same colour and style, making for a unified look that is easy on the eyes. Or, you can make it the star of the room by letting it stand on its own.

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A serene bedroom with a white HAUGA chest of six drawers beside two HAUGA open wardrobes, each with three drawers.
A bedroom where a BJÖRKSNÄS birch chest of drawers with decorations on top stands next to an IKORNNES ash standing mirror.
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How to prevent your furniture from tipping over.

Prevent your furniture from tipping over

Find out more about what makes a chest of drawers tip over and how you can prevent these accidents.

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Multitasking? Try double-duty storage.

Need time and space to fit in a workout? Just add in some double-duty storage and your office can moonlight as a gym.

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A room with two white TROTTEN storage units for office and workout essentials.
A woman holding weights sits on a TROTTEN storage unit on castors in a workspace at home.
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