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IVAR system

Our IVAR shelving units are old dogs that love new tricks. We’ve been developing them for more than 50 years. They’re one of our favourite customisable shelving systems because they can easily be stylish showstoppers and storage superheroes. Did you know with the modular IVAR system you can add new shelves, cabinets or a drop-down desk to upgrade your shelving as needed. Browse our combinations to see what IVAR can do for you.

In a small office with two desks is a wall filled with IVAR pine cabinets with doors. A red lamp hangs from the ceiling.
In a garage is an open IVAR wall shelf in natural pine, storing arts materials. Kids’ drawings are displayed underneath it.
In a garage is an IVAR storage in natural pine with a foldable table. Desk accessories and art materials on the table.
A large IVAR storage combination with a mix of closed cabinets with doors and open shelves with a round white lamp and books.
Several IVAR wall cabinets in natural pine with sliding doors placed under a window. Dark glass vases with flowers on top.

Plan the storage of your dreams with our IVAR planner

With the modular IVAR system, you can add new shelves, cabinets, or a drop-down desk to upgrade your shelving as needed. 

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