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Smart & electric blinds

Electric blinds (with good light blocking and light-filtering qualities) you can program, they’ll wake you up gently and provide undisturbed sleep. Control the blinds with the attached remote control or use the IKEA Home smart app. Healthy sleep is one of the best ways to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. To discover more about smart blinds, visit our dedicated page here.

Electrical blinds allow you to bend the light to your will. No more having to get up and about to pull the curtains for bedtime. Or to block out reflections on your TV screen during daytime binge-watching. You can even set your blinds to open or close on a schedule, thanks to the nifty timer.

They’re wireless and battery-operated, so you needn't bother with any electrical installation. This makes fitting a speedy process: simply hook them up and use the included remote. Or, you can connect to our Home smart app for voice control. You’ll be talking to your blinds in no time.

A clean and elegant look with electric blinds

Bedroom or living room, kitchen or office. These types of curtains fit in most rooms thanks to their modern and minimalist look. Since they’re motorized, there’s no risk of an uneven rollup from clumsy pulls. So, they’re always stylishly balanced when pulled down, while at the same time being discreet when rolled-up. In addition, the fabric lasts better and looks nicer over time as there’s less handling.

Choose a brighter option if you want enough light to see properly, but still want privacy from noisy neighbours. But if you want to immerse the room in total darkness, we recommend you go for electric blackout blinds instead.

Electric roller blinds make your life easier

With the IKEA home smart app, the power of control is literally in your hands; either via remote or through your phone. But of course, we understand if you’d rather talk to your blinds instead. Therefore, you can make connections to several popular voice controlled smart home devices via the app as well. Once everything is up and running, you can control your blinds as you wish, without having to move a single inch.

Do you like to plan ahead and prefer automated functions? Do you know what times you prefer sunlight, and want a complete black-out? If so, you’re going to love using the built-in timer function. Set it so that the curtains roll down in the bedroom when it's time to sleep. And up in the living room when it's time to let the daylight in. This is a great way to get some extra help around the house, wouldn’t you say?