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Hot food, fresh air, good friends. What could be better? Choose from our classic charcoal barbecues, super convenient portable models or outdoor fire pits. You'll find plenty of smart features, like built-in thermometers that allow you to check the temperature without lifting the hood. Ready to take your grilling to the next level? Explore our outdoor kitchens.

How do I clean a BBQ grill?  

Things like oil, fats and burnt food can soon build up and make it tricky to clean your BBQ grill. Although it’s a nuisance, it’s important to do, as it improves the lifespan of your grill and keeps it cooking your food nice and even. 

You’ll need to use different cleaning methods for the inside and outside of your grill for a thorough clean. Learn more about the different methods below. 

How to clean a BBQ grill exterior 

Both the gas and charcoal versions of our KLASEN BBQ grill feature a stainless-steel exterior. For this material, you’ll need a sponge, a bowl of hot water, BBQ grill cleaner and some elbow grease to scrub away any stains. Once it’s clean and shiny again, use a dry cloth and steel cleaner to polish the exterior. 

How to clean the inside of a BBQ grill 

Inside a barbecue grill there are three parts to focus on – the grill gate, the bottom and the grease cup or ash tray, depending on whether you have a gas or charcoal grill. 

To clean the grill gate, scrub it with a grill brush while it’s still warm, as the heat helps to remove dirt, fat and oils. If the grill gate has cooled, soak it in hot water to help dissolve dirt before cleaning. 

Another tip for stress-free cleaning of the grill gate is to grease it with cooking oil before cooking. If you do this, and any leftover dirt will come off with ease. This will also give your food the typical grill gate marks, which makes it look extra delicious. 

For cleaning the bottom of your BBQ grill, simply dampen a sponge with warm, soapy water and give it a thorough scrubbing. 

Finally, don’t forget about the grease cup or ash tray. This just needs to be removed and emptied after use. 

BBQ grill cleaning hacks  Fancy trying some alternative cleaning techniques?

Check out these BBQ cleaning hacks. 

The first one is the onion method. Simply slice an onion in half and rub it over the grill gate while it’s still warm. The onion helps dissolve the dirt and makes it easier to scrub off. This hack might leave a faint onion taste on the grill, so if you’re not a fan of onion it might not be for you. 

Then we have the beer and newspaper trick. Just pour some beer over the grill gate and scrub it with a ball of crumpled up newspaper. Keep wiping until it’s clean and sparkly again. 

What to do when the BBQ grill is rusty – and how do I prevent it? 

If your barbecue grill has become rusty, the quickest and easiest way to clean it is with a wire brush. Simply remove the grill gate and brush both sides with the wire brush until all the rust has gone. 

You can also use a commercial rust remover. For instructions, simply refer to the product of your choice. Although it’s a perfectly suitable method, keep in mind that commercial rust remover contains toxic substances, so make sure you give your grill a thorough clean before using it again. 

How to prevent your barbecue grill from getting rusty 

Rust forms when the materials of your grill oxidize. This is caused by being exposed to moisture, so it’s important to always clean and dry your grill after every use. It’s also a good idea to protect your grill from the elements between uses. 

The easiest way to protect your BBQ grill from rust is to store it inside. If you don’t have the space or need to keep it outside, use an outdoor grill cover to keep it dry. 

Which BBQ grill is best?  

Price, size and how portable a grill is are all things you should consider before choosing one.

But the biggest decision you’ll have to make is deciding is whether you’re a charcoal or a gas grill person. 

The argument for a charcoal grill 

When most of us think of a traditional BBQ grill we think of hot, sizzling charcoals. If you like to spend a little more time cooking your food, we recommend you go for a charcoal grill. Compared to a gas grill, it takes a bit longer to reach the right temperature, but the extra time is what gives you that delicious barbecue taste. 

Why the gas grill might be right for you It’s the quick, sleek and modern way to barbecue.

As well as heating up much faster than a charcoal grill, it’s easier to get the right temperature on a gas grill. If you want to serve up a feast of delicious food at a moment’s notice, it’s the ideal choice for you. 

Portable BBQ grill 

For picnics in the park or late-night barbecues on the beach, we have the portable KORPÖN charcoal grill. It’s small, easy to use, can be folded up and lets you take the party with you wherever you go. 

We have lots of other portable gas and charcoal grills too.  Made from stainless steel and have a built-in thermometer on the lid. This makes it easier to keep track of the temperature without having to lift the hood.