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Armchairs & chaise longues

Easy to move, easy to love

Lightweight and comfy, there’s always room for one or two LINNEBÄCK easy chairs.

See all fabric armchairs
See all fabric armchairs

Relax and recharge in a comfortable armchair

Whether you want to create a comfortable reading nook or a flexible spot for watching TV or listening to music, a classic armchair will do the trick. Go for a stackable and lightweight rattan chair or one that adds privacy with a high-back panel and soft, rounded armrests and back cushion.

Having a spot in your home to sit back, put your feet up and relax is essential – and our luxurious armchairs are perfect for it all.

In our selection, you’ll find comfortable, sophisticated, indulgent and modest styles to suit any room of your home. Most are available in multiple sizes, designs and colours.

The many different types of armchair

Different styles of armchair can be used for different things around your home. A tub chair or contemporary armchair can break up your sofa arrangement. A wingback or high back armchair provides a great spot for reading, just position a floor lamp beside it and you’re all set. A small, lightweight armchair lets you add extra seating to a room easily whenever you have guests over. While a classical rocking chair is the perfect place to unwind and do some knitting.

Recliner chairs for extra comfort

Looking to create the ultimate spot to relax in your home? You’ll want to check out our recliner chairs. Easily adjust the backrest to get comfortable and go from sitting upright to full recline mode in a matter of seconds.

How to take care of your armchair

Spilling food or drink while you’re sat in your armchair will more often than not leave an annoying stain on the fabric.

To help put your mind at ease, several of our armchairs and recliners feature removable covers you can throw in the washing machine whenever accidents happen.

If your chair doesn't have removable covers, try cleaning the stain with a damp cloth instead. For stubborn stains, we recommend using some upholstery shampoo too. Once you've chosen your new armchair, make sure to read the care instructions for more information on how to look after it.

Add cushions and blankets

Maximise the comfort of your armchair with a plump cushion and cosy blanket to snuggle up to. At IKEA, we have cushions and separate covers in different sizes, colours and patterns. The same goes for our blankets and throws, so everyone can find the perfect armchair or recliner accessories for them.