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IKEA Family digital card

Plastic card is a thing of the past

No more unnecessary waste straining our planet. We've given the thumbs-up to the digital version. You simply upload the card to your mobile phone. You won't lose it that easily, it's contactless and always ready.

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What about the plastic card?

All existing plastic cards are still valid and you can continue using them. But if you prefer the digital version, you will find several ways how to get it below:

How to get a digital card:

✓ Log in on the web

If you already have a plastic card, there is now its digital twin already. You will find it in your customer profile. You can just show the displayed QR code at the cash desk.

✓ Apple Wallet

Open any IKEA Family email on your phone and click on "Add to Apple Wallet" at the bottom of the email.

✓ Google Pay
Open any IKEA Family email on your phone and click on "Save to phone" at the bottom of the email.

✓ Loyalty card app
Use one of our apps for storing loyalty cards. The IKEA Family card should work without problems in most of them.

✓ IKEA Store app
You will also find the IKEA Family digital card in our mobile app. You can just download it and log in.

✓ IKEA newsletter
You will find the QR code for your IKEA Family card at the end of each newsletter that we have sent to you.

Via text message
Just scan the stated QR code and send a text message. In the message you will receive your card number and a link to display the QR code.
Or send a message with the text FAMILY to the phone number: +420 790 542 258

✓ Digital card from kiosk
Although the kiosk will no more print the card for you, but it will send you its digital twin.

Dump the IKEA Family plastic card

All you need now is your mobile phone, so you can shop with all the IKEA Family benefits.

    Did you forget your IKEA Family card?

    We will text it to you.