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The IKEA Family digital card

We're stopping printing plastic IKEA Family cards.

There aren't many places you lose more things at than at home. Luckily, there's no longer any risk of that with IKEA Family cards. The massive growth in the amount of mobile phones in the last few years has finally given us the option of stopping printing plastic loyalty cards and changing to a digital version. Digital ones aren't so easy to lose, and they're also contactless and more hygienic. The reason why we're doing this is clear. It is in our long-term interest to burden the environment as little as possible. We believe that you'll help us in this.

If you have difficulty finding the classic card from time to time, it'll be easy to find the new, digital one. Where? And what to do with the plastic card?

Plastic cards will still work

All existing plastic cards remain valid – we've just decided to stop making new ones. We believe that the digital version makes things easier not just for nature, but also for you.

Want to try it out? There are many ways to get it:

✓ Log in to the website

If you've got a plastic card, you already have its digital twin. You'll find it in your customer profile on the website. All you have to do before paying (or in the comfort of your home) is go to the website on your mobile, log in and show them the QR code at the check-out.

✓ Card in Apple Wallet

Are you paying with an iOS phone? Great! It's easy to add the IKEA Family card to your Apple Wallet. All you have to do is open any IKEA Family e-mail on your phone, click on Add to Apple Wallet at the bottom of the e-mail, and save the card.

✓ Open Google Pay

You'll definitely like this option if you like paying with an Android phone. It's easy to add an IKEA Family card to the GooglePay service – do it the same way you do with all other cards.

✓ Add it to your loyalty cards

Are you more used to apps for storing loyalty cards? The IKEA Family card should work in most of them without a problem. Try it and see

✓ Install the IKEA Store app

You can also find the digital IKEA Family card in our IKEA Store mobile app. It works just the same as on the website: log in, click on the IKEA Family card, and show the code when paying. And that's it! You'll find many more things in the app, for example special offers or practical information.  

✓ Open any newsletter that we've ever sent you

When you're paying, all you need to do is find a newsletter we've sent you – you'll find your card's QR code in the footer, that is, at the bottom of it. In the footer you'll now also find direct links for adding it to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Find it on your own using the new SMS service – it's easy!

All you have to do is scan the QR code and send an SMS. You'll receive a text with the number of your IKEA Family card and a link to display your digital card.

Or send a message with the text FAMILY to: +420 790 542 258

✓ Kiosks no longer print cards; instead, they send digital IKEA Family cards 

Our loyalty programme is now fully digital – come and change the world and the planet with us! Simply send the IKEA Family card to yourself by e-mail or SMS, even from kiosks in stores. You can frame the plastic one and put it on the wall as a memento!  

✓ Or try something completely different

If you really don't trust modern technology, simply print your QR code out on a piece of paper. Or store it as a picture on your mobile. We're looking forward to seeing you.

A family will always find a way to one another. We hope that you ultimately appreciate our decision and that you keep using the IKEA Family card. Albeit differently You'll make us happy, and nature will be happy, too.