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Guaranteed Buyback of Children's Furniture

Blue children's room with a toddler standing in a cot, and his sister in the room.

Send furniture to the next round.

Life goes on and situations change. Maybe you only use some products for a certain period of time. Has your child outgrown its cot, but the cot is still in good condition and could be used by someone else? Return it to us and we'll give it a second chance.

We offer IKEA Family members a service that allows them to sell selected products back to us at IKEA for a prearranged price.

As an member you buy a product with the Guaranteed Buyback symbol. This symbol is placed on products for which IKEA guarantees that it will buy them back for a prearranged price when you no longer need them. The guarantee is valid for two years for IKEA Family members who use their card when purchasing.

If the product is in good condition and meets the conditions of the service, bring it to an IKEA store and go to the Customer Service area. You can find out the purchase price in advance in our price list. We buy the product from you and send it to the next round. You receive the value of the goods in the form of an IKEA refund card.

We sell the product to another customer for the same price that we bought it from you for. If you want to get children's products at a reduced price, visit our discounted goods section. You also get a one-year guarantee for used goods.

Which products are covered by Guaranteed Buyback?

Take a look at the list of products with Guaranteed Buyback and the price list.  

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Some clubs are only for the chosen few; IKEA Family is for everyone. For those who like improving their flat, and also for those who would rather get advice about how to go about it. There are many advantages to being a member, for example discounts on some products, free assistance if something happens on the way home with your shopping, online storage of all receipts, or a hot drink for free every time you visit our restaurant.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Environmental friendliness and respect for the environment permeates everything that we do at IKEA. The goal of the service is to give IKEA Family members a benefit in the form of the option to sell selected products back to IKEA. This is usually furniture that is used at a certain stage of life. At IKEA we then give it a second life. We then sell it to another customer for the same price we buy it for. Our long-term goal is to extend the time our products are used for as long as possible and act in accordance with the principles of a circular economy.    

  • IKEA has created a list of products for which we guarantee buyback for a period of two years when the customer no longer needs them. See here for a list of products and buyback values of your furniture.

  • The service is free of charge and available to IKEA Family members. You can find out the buyback price when buying the goods, or you can look it up any time in our Buyback calculator here. IKEA sells Buyback products to another customer for the same price, giving it another chance.

  • The service is available at all stores in the Czech Republic. It is conditional on presentation of the IKEA Family card when purchasing. You can also return products in different stores than the one in which you bought them. For the buyback you'll need to present your IKEA Family card (or the receipt from the original sale) again.

  • Furniture must be in good condition, complete and assembled. It must not be significantly damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) or altered. It must be stable and safe. But light wear and tear, e.g. slight abrasion, doesn't matter.

  • IKEA Family members can find the Buyback price in the Buyback calculator. Here, you look up the relevant period of use and find out the specific price offered by IKEA. You can also come to a store and we'll calculate the price according to the same criteria in the Customer Service area. You receive the amount on an IKEA refund card.

  • We sell products received through the Guaranteed Buyback service to other customers for the same price that we buy them for. The aim of the Guaranteed Buyback of Children's Furniture service is to extend the period of time that IKEA products are used for, support the circular economy and be environmentally-friendly. We operate the service as a benefit for IKEA Family members.

  • The Guaranteed Buyback of Children's Furniture service is intended for customers who regularly shop with us – members of IKEA Family. They can use their refund card for further purchases in our stores. The card is valid for one year from date of issue.

  • Furniture must be in such a state that we can responsibly give its new owner a one-year guarantee. Therefore, we must refuse furniture if it is a furniture type that we do not buy back, it is significantly damaged, altered, or if we have doubts about its safety. We cannot accept products if they do not meet the conditions for the service as laid out in the General Terms and Conditions.

  • Guaranteed Buyback is valid for two years from purchase. After the guarantee has expired you can still use the Second Life of Furniture service.

  • Yes, if it is in good condition and undamaged, you can also return other types of furniture, not just IKEA children's furniture, and give it a second chance through our Second Life of Furniture service. You can also use the Second Life of Furniture service after the expiry of the guaranteed Buyback period for selected products.