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Second Life of Furniture

Do you have some IKEA furniture that you don't need any more?

What you don't need anymore could be valuable for someone else. That's why we buy back used IKEA furniture and help to find it a new home.

How the service works

It's easy. Fill in the form and upload photos of the IKEA furniture. We'll evaluate the furniture and offer you a price for it. If you agree, you can bring the furniture to your favourite IKEA store, where you'll get the promised value in the form of a charged gift card. We will then offer the purchased IKEA furniture for the same price and with a 1-year guarantee in our Bargain corner. 

We provide this service for free, and it is not subject to any fees, with the exception of delivery, should you wish to order this. 

Guaranteed Buyback of Children's Furniture

We offer IKEA Family members a service that allows them to sell selected products back to us at IKEA for a prearranged price. Because life goes on and situations change.