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Collection of Electrical Appliances, Batteries and Accumulators

Used electrical appliances, batteries and accumulators can represent a major burden on the environment if not recycled by specialists. Therefore, in the Czech Republic there is a network of places where these products are collected at the end of their life cycle and processed by specialists.

Some electrical appliances can be returned free of charge when visiting anĀ  IKEA store, or you can have them taken away when buying a new appliance. See below for the terms and conditions for the provision of the service.

IKEA fulfils its obligation, under Act no. 542/2020 Coll., on products at the end of their life cycle, to allow the return of electrical appliances, batteries, and accumulators through the collective system operated by ASEKOL a.s. The addresses of red containers and collection points operated in the ASEKOL network and the terms and conditions for returning products can be found at

A register of collection points can also be found on the website of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic at:

Electrical appliances must not be disposed of with general waste, but must be deposited at places intended for this purpose, i.e. at collection points or places intended for return (see above). Thank you for helping us to care for the environment.

  • When buying electrical appliances at IKEA stores you have the option to hand over any used electrical appliances of a similar type and function, regardless of the manufacturer or brand, to IKEA. You can return electrical appliances at any IKEA store during opening hours up to 1 year after the purchase of a new appliance. Please present the original receipt when returning goods.

    You can also hand used appliances over to the delivery company when they deliver your new product; however, this service must be ordered in advance (see Removal and Environmentally-Friendly Disposal service). Fees according to the valid price list may apply.

    You can hand in small household electrical appliances (size up to 25 cm), accumulators, and batteries free of charge at any IKEA store without purchasing a new appliance.