Julat harga

Bangku tangga & tangga

Sedikit ketinggian untuk kita

Tidak perlu lagi memanjat kerusi. Tangga dan bangku tangga kami boleh memberikan anda ketinggian yang lebih stabil. Si kecil boleh mencapai permukaan atas kerja untuk membantu anda, dan anda juga boleh mencapai atas kabinet yang tinggi.


  • Step stools that reach the top

    Step stools are a great, safer way to make the most of your kitchen space. There will always be some things that you don’t use very often that you want to put up on your top shelves. Or maybe you want to keep some things out of reach of enquiring young hands. Step stools give you easy access to them. With the hand-hole in the top, they’re easy to move around your kitchen or carry to anywhere in your home. Check out the stained and lacquered black version. Or the untreated wood option that you can oil, stain, paint, wax or varnish to match your décor and make the surface easier to care for and longer-lasting.

  • Get a step up with step stools

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, where a lot of the action is. Kids love to be involved in what adults are up to, and our solid BEKVÄM step stools are a great way to bring them up to your level – and get help preparing dinner or washing up! Sturdily crafted in solid wood with an easily-managed step, your kids can use the step stool to reach the table and worktops without your help. That gives them a step towards independence and also means you don’t have to keep interrupting what you’re doing to get them a glass of water.