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Bawa pulang tilam daripada IKEA (cara kami membungkusnya memudahkan anda membawanya pulang - kami juga menghantar) dan cubalah ia selama 90 malam. Tidur seperti seorang bayi - atau bawa semula tilam dan cuba yang lain. Ia semua selesa, cuma dengan cara yang sedikit berbeza. Jadi tilam terbaik kami ialah yang paling sesuai dengan anda.
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How to choose a mattress - even if you’re half asleep
Man rearranges an IKEA quilt and IKEA pillows in the morning sunlight
A young woman and her daughter wake up in comfy bedding from IKEA
Young woman sitting up in bed, wrapped in a quilt from IKEA, with morning sunshine in the background
Comfort comes first
Sprung, Latex or Foam? Firm or medium-firm? It’s all down to personal taste. Every mattress at IKEA is designed to be really comfortable and to properly support your body – without straining your budget. So that you can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, every single morning.
Your body knows best
How YOU feel about a mattress is key. So head to your IKEA store and imagine it’s bedtime. Slip off your coat, kick off your shoes and try a few mattresses. Don’t be shy – you really need to lie down to find your ideal model. And feel free to ask us questions while you’re here.
Sleep on it tonight
You can take home your new, comfy mattress today. Most are roll packed, to fit easily in your car. Or, we can deliver it – and even take away your old one at the same time. Remember, if you don’t love your new mattress, you can change it for another within 90 days.
See more about our 90-day ‘love or exchange’ policy
Take comfort to another level
Our complementary range of mattress and pillow protectors and mattress pads can help you make the most of your new mattress. Enhancing the comfiness and extending the life.
Snuggle up in something soft
We have a great choice of quilts and pillows to make bedtime even more special. Our quilts and pillows have different fillings, so you can create the warm and cosy atmosphere that suits you best.
Quilts, pillows and bed linen from IKEA, arranged in bundles on black chairs and on a wood floor in a sunny, white room
A pillow from IKEA on a pile of quilts from IKEA
An unmade bed in morning sunlight, showing a quilt, pillows and bed linen from IKEA