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Meja solek IKEA

Stesen dandanan peribadi anda

Inginkan zon dandanan anda sendiri dengan segala yang diperlukan mudah untuk dicapai? Meja solek kami menjadikan impian ini suatu kenyataan. Anda boleh menyembunyikan maskara dan barang kemas di dalam laci atau dapatkan kotak yang kelihatan misteri untuk permukaan meja. Pilih meja solek dengan cermin bina dalam atau tambahkan cermin solek yang sesuai dengan gaya anda.

MALM meja solek, putih Dalam: 41 sm Tinggi: 78 sm Lebar: 120 sm
meja solek
Dalam: 41 sm, Tinggi: 78 sm, Lebar: 120 sm


  • Dressing tables – your personal styling zone

    Dressing tables are a great practical place to put on the glamour and they also make a big style impact in a room. The drawers give you a lot of storage space for all your make-up and jewellery. If you organise the inside of them with some of our boxes and compartments, finding everything will so be easy that you’ll be the one telling him, “hurry up or we’ll be late”. The things you use most often, like a hairbrush or mascara, usually end up on top of your dressing table. So we have the baskets and boxes to keep the tops of dressing tables in order, too.

  • Must haves with dressing tables

    Our dressing tables mostly come with mirrors. If you go for one that doesn’t, we have a big choice of mirrors. Two lights on either side of the mirror give you the best light for all those delicate styling moments. If you use wall lamps, you’ll save useful space on your dressing table top. Another essential is something to sit on. We have a big choice of chairs and stools to complement our dressing tables. A lot of our furniture comes in series, too. So getting chests of drawers or wardrobes and so on that coordinate perfectly with our dressing tables is easy. Just look out for products with the same series name.