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Selimut & alas

Tambahkan alas untuk keselesaan segera

Sama ada diselubungkan di bahu anda atau di lengan sofa, selimut dan alas kami mungkin merupakan cara paling mudah bagi menambah keselesaan di kediaman anda. Kami ada alas untuk menambah warna atau tekstur atau mengalu-alukan anda berselubung. Ia boleh mengemas kini kerusi berlengan lama untuk memberikan suasana baharu kepada sesebuah bilik – dan mempamerkan sisi anda yang berbeza.

Sahabat yang sentiasa memastikan anda kekal hangat dan selesa
Sahabat yang sentiasa memastikan anda kekal hangat dan selesa   LUKTNYPON Sarung kusyen RM39.90 HENRIKA Selimut/alas RM69 HENRIKA Selimut/alas RM69
OFELIA selimut, putih Panjang minimum: 170 sm Lebar: 130 sm
Panjang minimum: 170 sm, Lebar: 130 sm


  • Throws & blankets for cosy, personal touches

    Welcome to our throws and blankets. They’ll add splashes of colour and interesting textures to your home and help you make it cosier and more personal. They’ll keep you warm too, of course. You’ll find a lot of variety here, with many different colours and patterns and different textures and materials, too. So whether you’re looking for throws or blankets to keep you cosy when you’re reading a book or to hang on your wall to make a big style statement, you can find them here. Many of our throws and blankets match some of our other soft furnishings or even form part of a collection, so it’s easy to go for a coordinated look, too.

  • New throws to refresh a room

    Throws and blankets are a great way to spice up a room and give it the look you like. As well as that, they’re really easy to change and they don’t cost very much. So a couple of new throws or blankets is a great way to give a room a quick makeover. Add a few matching cushions or cushion covers and you’ve made a big change in the style of your home without a big effort. You can welcome a new season or give new life to old furniture. And when the season turns chilly, a few throws could mean you can turn the heating on a little later in the year. That’ll be kinder to your budget and the planet, too.