Julat harga

Storan katil

Ubah ruang tidur kepada ruang storan

Perlukan lebih ruang untuk menyimpan barangan? Storan katil kami membolehkan anda menyimpan barangan seperti duvet atau pakaian musim panas di kotak storan bawah katil atau di dalam unit storan di kaki katil anda. Jadi barangan anda tersembunyi, tetapi masih dekat dengan anda.

SAMLA kotak, lut sinar Lebar: 78 sm Dalam: 56 sm Tinggi: 18 sm
Lebar: 78 sm, Dalam: 56 sm, Tinggi: 18 sm


  • Bed storage – under bed storage boxes and storage units

    Have a look at our under bed storage boxes and storage units in different styles and materials. Our under bed storage boxes will let you turn unused space into handy storage (and you won't have to do so much awkward vacuuming under the bed). They're ideal for storing things like bed linen and quilts, for example, or just about anything you want to get out of the way but still have close at hand. Our bed storage comes in different styles, so it's easy to find something that suits yours. And as a lot of our bed storage belongs to series, you can easily coordinate your bed storage with other furniture. Look out for series names like ASPELUND or ODDA or ENGAN.

  • If this bed storage isn’t enough…

    Bed storage is certainly a great storage idea, but there’s obviously a limit to how much you can store in under bed storage boxes or in the storage units shown here. So, maybe you’d like to check out our other options, as well. They’ll help you keep all your things organised and easy to find. We have a big choice, from coat hooks and clothes hangers to chests of drawers and wardrobes in lots of sizes, styles and materials. And as a lot of our storage belongs to series, it’s easy to create a coordinated look. We also have lots of other home furnishings that match too, like soft furnishings, lamps and mirrors.