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Cermin bilik mandi IKEA

Sekilas pandang cermin bilik mandi

Diuji agar dapat digunakan di tempat yang berkelembapan tinggi, cermin bilik mandi kami bukan sahaja praktikal untuk melihat wajah anda ketika meletakkan gincu di bibir. Kabinet bercermin berfungsi sebagai storan dan cermin yang besar juga membuatkan bilik mandi anda kelihatan lebih terang dan luas. Tambahkan cermin solek untuk pandangan yang lebih dekat dan untuk memastikan rambut di belakang anda juga rapi.

FULLEN cermin berpara Dalam: 14 sm Tinggi: 60 sm Lebar: 50 sm
cermin berpara
Dalam: 14 sm, Tinggi: 60 sm, Lebar: 50 sm


  • Bathroom mirrors to suit your space

    See who’s the fairest of them all with our wide choice of bathroom mirrors. We have lots of styles and sizes and shapes to choose between, from big elaborate bathroom mirrors to small vanity mirrors with a magnifying side, great for getting up close and personal. You’ll have plenty of options to suit your space too, with bathroom mirrors that can fit in those awkward nooks and crannies. And to get the best possible view, why not put a vanity mirror on the wall near your main mirror? It means you can check if your new hairdo is alright at the back before you rush off to work.

  • Bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets

    Our bathroom mirrors range also includes a big choice of mirror cabinets in lots of different styles and sizes. They give you great practical storage for your make-up and hand lotion and other bits and bobs. Our mirror cabinets belong to series so you can choose other pieces of our bathroom furniture in the same style to get a coordinated look. In fact, whatever you need for your bathroom, from bathroom mirrors to bathroom scales, it’s worth taking a look at what we have. You’ll find everything from the big things like washstands and high cabinets to the little details like boxes and baskets, and all great value for money.