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Kuilt dengan keselesaan yang sesuai dengan anda

Tidur dengan lena merupakan perkara individu. Duvet kami didatangkan dalam rangkaian pilihan kehangatan dan isian agar anda boleh memilih yang terbaik bagi diri anda. Jadi sama ada anda sukakan kehangatan atau kedinginan di atas katil, atau lebih gemarkan bulu kapas dan bulu atau bahan baharu seperti lyocell yang mudah dijaga, anda akan menemui kuilt yang diperlukan untuk tidur malam yang selesa.

Kuilt IKEA
  • Quilts – find what best suits you

    Most of us like to snuggle under a quilt every night so it’s important that it’s comfortable and value for money. We have a big range of quilts made with different materials, from down and feathers to synthetics. Our quilts are TOG-rated to show how warm they are. It makes it easy to decide what best suits you and the time of year. If you kick your quilt off at night, have a look at the quilts with a lower rating. If you wake up shivering, check out the quilts with higher warmth ratings. Choosing the right quilt can be the key to a good night’s sleep.

  • Quilts and room makeovers

    If you’ve found the perfect quilt but still aren’t getting the shut-eye you need, it could be time for a new pillow or mattress. Our online mattress guide will point you towards the mattress of your dreams, too. New quilts need covers. So this could be an opportunity to revitalise your bed and the whole room with new colours and patterns. Why not check out our sets of covers for quilts and pillows, and our sheets, too? And if you feel it’s time for a total textile makeover, we also have rugs and curtains that match our bed linen.