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Clothes organisers

Get your clothes in order

Want to conquer the mess? Divide it. With our clothes organisers you can make the most of your wardrobe or drawers and always know where even the smallest things are. There are boxes for every conceivable need and taste, so you can make your wardrobe obey your every whim.

SKUBB box, white Width: 31 cm Depth: 34 cm Height: 33 cm
¥ 1,499
/3 pack
Width: 31 cm, Depth: 34 cm, Height: 33 cm More options
SKUBB storage case, black Width: 44 cm Depth: 55 cm Height: 19 cm
storage case
¥ 799
Width: 44 cm, Depth: 55 cm, Height: 19 cm More options
KOMPLEMENT storage with compartments, white, textile Frame, width: 50 cm Depth: 56 cm Frame, depth: 58 cm
storage with compartments
¥ 2,499
Frame, width: 50 cm, Depth: 56 cm, Frame, depth: 58 cm
a grey clothes organiser in an open drawer showing clothes organised in different compartments.
A natural combination
This SVIRA storage hanging storage helps make the most of your wardrobe.
SVIRA Hanging storage with 7 compartments ¥ 1,499
HYFS boot box, grey Depth: 56 cm Height: 11 cm Width: 30 cm
boot box
¥ 1,299
Depth: 56 cm, Height: 11 cm, Width: 30 cm
HYFS box, grey Depth: 31 cm Height: 11 cm Width: 25 cm
¥ 399
Depth: 31 cm, Height: 11 cm, Width: 25 cm
HYFS box combination, grey Width of drawer: 100 cm Depth: 31 cm Depth of drawer: 35 cm
box combination
¥ 2,196
Width of drawer: 100 cm, Depth: 31 cm, Depth of drawer: 35 cm More options
HYFS box with lid, grey Depth: 34 cm Height: 16 cm Width: 22 cm
box with lid
¥ 599
Depth: 34 cm, Height: 16 cm, Width: 22 cm
HYFS extendable box, grey Min. width: 25 cm Max. width: 40 cm Depth: 22 cm
extendable box
¥ 599
Min. width: 25 cm, Max. width: 40 cm, Depth: 22 cm
HYFS shoe box, grey Depth: 34 cm Height: 11 cm Width: 30 cm
shoe box
¥ 999
Depth: 34 cm, Height: 11 cm, Width: 30 cm
HÖFTA divider for drawer, white Length: 55 cm Height: 10 cm Package quantity: 3 pack
divider for drawer
¥ 199
/3 pack
Length: 55 cm, Height: 10 cm, Package quantity: 3 pack More options
JÄLL organiser, blue Depth: 30 cm Height: 84 cm Width: 30 cm
¥ 399
Depth: 30 cm, Height: 84 cm, Width: 30 cm
OMSORG shoe tree, large, 1 pair, assorted colours Length: 32 cm Height: 4 cm Width: 10 cm
shoe tree, large, 1 pair
¥ 99
Length: 32 cm, Height: 4 cm, Width: 10 cm
OMSORG shoe tree, small, 1 pair, assorted colours Length: 28 cm Depth: 7 cm Height: 3 cm
shoe tree, small, 1 pair
¥ 99
Length: 28 cm, Depth: 7 cm, Height: 3 cm
SKUBB box, black Depth: 55 cm Height: 33 cm Width: 31 cm
¥ 1,999
/3 pack
Depth: 55 cm, Height: 33 cm, Width: 31 cm More options
SVIRA box with lid, white flowers, grey Width: 24 cm Depth: 39 cm Height: 16 cm
box with lid
¥ 999
Width: 24 cm, Depth: 39 cm, Height: 16 cm More options


  • Clothes organisers ¬to tidy up wardrobes and drawers

    Our big choice of clothes organisers will help you organise the inside of a wardrobe or drawers so that everything you wear, from warm socks to posh frocks, is quick and easy to find. Many of the clothes boxes here are exactly the right size to fit our PAX wardrobes but often you can use them inside our other wardrobes or chests of drawers, or put them on shelves. You’ll find other kinds of clothes organisers here, too. If you want to keep your jackets and dresses dust-free when you hang them up, try our clothes covers. Or you can convert a simple rail into a mini shelf unit with our hanging clothes organisers with compartments for folded clothes or shoes.

  • Do your clothes need more than clothes organisers?

    Clothes organisers can help you make the most of a wardrobe or a drawer and keep your things in good condition. But if your collection of clothes and shoes is growing, maybe you need some other new storage, too. We have a lot of different options, from hooks and hangers to wardrobes and shoe cabinets. Getting a set of coordinated furniture is easy because a lot of our storage belongs to large series. You can also find a big choice of other home furnishings that match or complement our clothes organisers and other storage, too, like mirrors, lamps and rugs.