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Drying Rack, airer

Lots of washing but no space to hang?

Make washing less like a chore by trying our smart, space-saving drying solutions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor (when we get that little bit of sunshine of course) And when you’re not using it, the drying rack easily folds away! It’s a simple way to organise and dry your clothes, so you won’t have as many odd socks...

MULIG drying rack, black Length: 173 cm Height: 103 cm Width: 57 cm
drying rack
€ 20.00
Length: 173 cm, Height: 103 cm, Width: 57 cm More options
FROST drying rack, green Length: 134 cm Height: 93 cm Width: 59 cm
drying rack
€ 12.00
Length: 134 cm, Height: 93 cm, Width: 59 cm More options
JÄLL drying rack, white Length: 79 cm Height: 82 cm Width: 40 cm
drying rack
€ 6.00
Length: 79 cm, Height: 82 cm, Width: 40 cm
ANTONIUS drying rack, white Min. depth: 40 cm Max. depth: 49 cm Width: 77 cm
drying rack
€ 7.50
Min. depth: 40 cm, Max. depth: 49 cm, Width: 77 cm
PORTIS drying rack, dark grey Length: 164 cm Height: 98 cm Width: 59 cm
drying rack
€ 30.00
Length: 164 cm, Height: 98 cm, Width: 59 cm