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Dining furniture buying guide

Five reasons to buy IKEA dining tables and chairs

The dining area is the heart of the home - at every meal time - and in between meals. Here at IKEA we have great products and inspiring ideas for creating the perfect place that will serve you many happy moments for years to come.

1. Unique benefits and features | 2. Comfortable chairs to match |
3. Dining sets for every home size | 4. Quality and sustainable materials |
5. Functional and practical designs

Unique benefits and features


Our extendable tables have different mechanisms to help create more elbow space when you need it. All are easy to use by a single person, and the extra leaves are hidden under the table top when not in use.


Some of our dining tables and chairs are foldable so you can have more space in your house. We have several different designs - all comfy and sturdy, for temporary or permanent positions.


The beauty of stackable chairs is that you can keep many on hand, since several chairs stacked on top of one another do not take more space than a single chair. We also have stackable bar stools.

Comfortable chairs to match

How many people do you want to seat? Each person needs about 60cm eating space and minimum 80cm between the table and wall or cabinet. By getting the right shapes and proportions, everyone is guaranteed to stay a little longer.

These important features in our designs ensures that the human body reacts with our products comfortably with the best combination of shapes, materials and forms.

Upholstered dining chairs give you extra comfort that adds to your enjoyment at the dining table. Some of them also come with armrests which can help reduce neck and back fatigue, so you'll sit comfortably.

Non-upholstered dining chairs don't just look good, they feel good too. Designed with lower back support, weight distribution and the right seat angle, everyone will be happy to stay for a while (even if there's no dessert).

Foldable chairs are great whether you've got a tiny space or have a few unexpected guests dropping by. They tuck away neatly between uses and most of them are designed to hang flush against the wall.

Our bar stools provide good lumbar support and are designed to distribute your weight evenly so you sit comfortably. Some are upholstered for cushioning comfort.

Stools & benches are perfect when you need extra seating space around the house! We've got lots of smart, easy to care for and often stackable seats that work with our tables.

Dining sets for every home size

Whether you are looking to furnish a studio apartment or a two-storey house, we have a wide selection of tables for all families. Our different designs and materials help to set the style. Modern or traditional, you decide.

Quality and sustainable materials

Each material has a distinct aesthetic impact, as well as practical considerations. Most of our tables are created with a finish that protects against colour changes and minimizes the need for maintenance for many years.

Natural solid wood

Dining tables made of natural wood look and age beautifully as the colour deepens and becomes richer over time. There are two types of wood material: hardwood and softwood. Softwood is more likely to get scratches and is less expensive, but with good care, both will serve you well for years to come.

Hardwood veneer

Hardwood veneer has the look and feel of natural wood grains combined with an easy-care, durable surface that will bear up to bangs and bumps from chairs, children and toys. With this material, we use a technique that utilizes fewer natural resources and are able to create variations in colour and wood pattern.


Melamine is a smart choice for families with children since they are moisture and scratch-resistant and can withstand spills, banging toys, crashes and splashes. Paired with a sturdy metal frame, you've got a table that will surve the toughest trials.

Functional and practical designs

Should you go for social round, classic rectangular or sensible square? It all depends on the size and shape of your room. Our dining tables can also cater to different activities in the house - just pick a table that suits you best.

Rectangular tables work well in most spaces. They’re ideal for dining areas with foot traffic going through them and also great for bench seating which can be tucked under the table to make the room less crowded.

Round or oval tables generally require a slightly larger room but work well to balance a room that is square in shape. They are inviting and can fit more people since there are no corners.

Square tables are good for conversation since everyone faces each other. Like oval tables, larger square dining tables require more space along both the length and width than other types.

Essentials for your Dining room