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Recycling Centre

Conveniently turn your recyclable trash into IKEA Family points with IKEA.

At IKEA, we’re working hard to do our part in reducing the environmental footprint, and we would like help you do yours. IKEA is pleased to assist you in this mission to leave a cleaner and healthier planet to our young generations with our Recycling Centre.

Operating Hours: 11.00hrs - 19.00hrs

Location: Level 1 (next to the revolving entrance door), IKEA Bang Yai

From trash to IKEA Family points

We offer IKEA Family points on every 1 kilogram of the sorted recyclable wasted in these categories: papers, plastics, aluminum and other metals, and clear glass.

How many points do I get? 

Paper = 250 IKEA Family points/kg

Plastic = 200 IKEA Family points/kg

Aluminium/Metal = 500 IKEA Family points/kg

Glass = 150 IKEA Family points/kg

How to recycle with Recycling Centre

  • We offer IKEA Family points on every 1 kilogram of the sorted recyclable waste in the accepted categories. With every 5,000 points accumulated, you can redeem a 50 THB voucher to spend in stores.
  • If your recyclables do not qualify the minimum of 1kg, you may still recycle by dropping them inside our designated bins.
  • We cannot accept electrical appliances, electronic equipment, packaging of chemicals and radioactive substances for recycling, or non-recyclable waste.
  • We have reserved the right to determine the rates and acceptability of recyclable items. Waste that is not categorized as above will not be accepted with IKEA Family points in returns.

Furniture donation with Recycling Centre

IKEA furniture that is not accepted by IKEA Buy Back and Resell Service can be dropped off at the Recycling Centre. The items will be donated to a charity that works in our local communities.

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