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PLATSA system

We all have a space that doesn’t get used because we can’t find furniture that fits. PLATSA is one of our modular storage systems that puts these unusual spaces to work. Choose different interiors, legs and handles for a custom modular wardrobe.

A large PLATSA wardrobe with one door open and clothes and bags hanging on a clothes rail, on shelves and in wire baskets.
A person lies reading a book on a PLATSA storage bench under a window near a birch veneer BORGEBY coffee table.
A PLATSA bed with 2 doors + 3 drawers with VITKLÖVER bed linen and boxes, bags and other objects on its shelves.
A PLATSA wardrobe with some white KUGGIS boxes with lids on top stands in a green hallway with a TIPHEDE black/natural rug.
A large PLATSA wardrobe with sections of different heights stands in a blue bedroom with a sloping ceiling.

Want to make the most of your PLATSA storage?

There’s a choice of interior fittings, like clothes rails, shelves, and wire baskets, to help you organise the inside of your storage to suit what you want to store.

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A person places folded throws into a shelf in a large PLATSA wardrobe which also holds storage boxes and hanging clothes.
A large PLATSA wardrobe with sections of different heights containing hanging clothes, hats, boxes and wire baskets.
See all PLATSA interiors & exteriors

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