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Display Cabinets & storage systems

Priceless memories from that holiday trip, your grandmothers old clock or just a fine piece of ceramic. Most of us collect things that we love to see every day. A cabinet or a cupboard is a perfect way to keep our rarities visible, yet away from dust and smudgy fingers.

Add atmosphere. Illuminate your display cabinet with Display lighting.

Dreamy details that delight

These cabinets have delicately crafted details that give that extra flair to your interiors. The SKRUVBY cabinet has grooved doors and a top panel with an oak expression – adding a rustic and warm feel to a room. The KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors has fine embossed detailing that adds an elegant touch.

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A white SKRUVBY cabinet with doors has one door open, and is standing against a white wall beside a sofa-bed.
    A white KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors, with one door open, stands in a bright living room in between two windows.
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      Complete storage for your living room

      Time to freshen up your living room with some stylish and practical storage? Choose from open and closed living room storage systems that satisfy all your needs. You’ll find functional storage, storage that looks good, even storage you can sit on. Stay clean and uncluttered with style.

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      An olive-green LINNEBÄCK easy chair next to a pine IVAR shelving unit with cabinet with an ISNÅLEN LED work lamp on top.
        A living room with a BESTÅ storage combination with glass doors, including decorations and an integrated workstation.
        A black TV on a moss green wall. A white TV bench hangs below with a white speaker, consoles, boxes and decoration.
        A teen reading while lying on a PLATSA storage bench in front of a white BILLY bookcase, filled with books and a speaker.
        A pine IVAR cabinet on a wall with vases on top of it, including a set of 3 clear glass CYLINDER vases and a BEGÄRLIG vase.
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        A living room has a series of white BILLY bookcases along one wall, with books and folders neatly organised on the shelves.

        Secure your furniture from tipping over

        Big, tall or heavy pieces of furniture can be a severe safety risk if not properly fastened to a wall. Find out more about what makes them tip over and how you can prevent these accidents.

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