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Dining Tables

Dining tables are hot spots even when there’s no food on them. Playing games, helping with homework or just lingering after a meal, they’re where you share good times with family and friends. We make ours sturdy and durable, in lots of styles to help you find what suits your taste. Many are extendable so you’ll always have room for everyone.

Complete your dining setup with our wider range of Dining sets, Stools & benches and Tableware.

A flexible dining table for every occasion

Need a bigger dining table for extra guests? Try adding a smaller table to your usual table. When it's not on temporary dining duty, it can serve as somewhere to work or as a sideboard.

See all dining tables up to 4 seats
A white MELLTORP table placed by a wall, a TERTIAL work lamp on it and stacked, light-olive green TEODORES chairs next to it.
A dining area formed by two in-line, white MELLTORP tables, a white REGOLIT lamp, assorted chairs and flowers in a vase.
See all dining tables up to 4 seats