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Cooking & Baking Utensils

No matter how complicated the recipe, cooking is always so much easier with the right tools to help you get the job done. We make kitchen utensils that see you through every simple green salad or chocolate soufflé, in a range of styles and materials that bring your unique flavour into the kitchen.

Barbecue accessories turn a grill into a feast

Our grill utensils take care of everything. All the serving trays, bowls and baskets you need to make your barbecue into a tasty success. Tongs, forks and spatulas, even oven gloves and aprons to make sure your hands and clothes stay in party mood too.

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A woman at a barbecue holding a FÄRGKLAR plate in turquoise with food on it in one hand and a GRILLTIDER tong in the other.
A RISATORP basket in pale blue with GRILLTIDER squeeze bottles in transparent plastic, GRILLTIDER serving baskets with food.
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Kitchen accessories to colour your kitchen tasty

These affordable kitchen accessories make preparing food cool, colourful and quick. Perfect for smart and easy grating, mixing and salad making. They are fun, bright and eye-catching, bounce right back if you drop them and dishwasher safe too. Use them, wash them, stow them away for next time.

See the UPPFYLLD series
UPPFYLLD graters in different colours, some avocados and cheese and a FÄRGKLAR bowl and a GLADELIG bowl with food.
An UPPFYLLD salad spinner in white with the lid placed balanced on the side, the item is full of mixed salad.
An UPPFYLLD funnel in bright yellow placed in the neck of a KORKEN bottle with stopper in clear glass, liquid in the bottle.
Some UPPFYLLD fruit cutters in a set of four in mixed colours, a person’s hands cutting an apple with the fruit cutter.
An UPPFYLLD colander in bright green sitting in a sink, the colander contains green beans and there is water pouring in.
See the UPPFYLLD series