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VÅFFLOR Waffles, frozen

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We believe in love at first bite, at least when it comes to these heart-shaped waffles. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – and irresistible with jam and whipped cream or salmon and sour cream.

Article number303.019.64

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Shaped like hearts, soft on the inside and thin and crispy when you bite into them – no wonder Swedes love waffles so much.

Serve as a dessert with whipped cream and jam or fresh berries and melted chocolate. Or serve up a more filling version with cold-smoked or marinated salmon topped with a dollop of sour cream or cream cheese.

Waffles are great for most occasions depending on how you serve them – as a dessert, snack or appetiser.

These waffles are perfect to have at home for sudden cravings since they are ready-baked and can be heated in the oven direct from frozen.


    Net weight: 240 g

    • VÅFFLORArticle number303.019.64

      Width: 12 cm

      Height: 7 cm

      Length: 24 cm

      Weight: 0.36 kg

      Package(s): 1


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    Tasty loveliness for someone close to you

    These waffles are heart-shaped since they’re easy to love (Swedes are crazy about waffles and even celebrate Waffle Day). Enjoy them as a dessert or snack with jam and whipped cream or fresh berries and melted chocolate – or as an appetiser with cold-smoked salmon, shrimp, eggs and some sour cream. The crispy surface and inner softness makes it all irresistible. Our waffles can also be heated from frozen directly in an oven, perfect as a lovely treat for someone close to you!