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ISANDE Fridge/freezer, IKEA 700/integrated,

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To be completed with UTRUSTA hinges 95°, sold separately. High cabinet frame with ventilated grid, doors, plinth and handles are sold separately.

5 year guarantee

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Spacious and energy-saving with auto defrost and smart storage solutions to keep your food fresh longer. For a uniform look, hide it inside a cabinet with a door that matches the rest of your kitchen.

Article number205.543.01

Product details

5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

An inbuilt fan spreads the air and maintains a consistent temperature throughout, so you can make use of the entire space and store all types of food anywhere.

The fast cooling switch allows you to quickly cool down fresh food and the beverage shelf, perfect after major groceries shopping.

With fast freeze, you can quickly reduce the temperature to lock in the freshness and nutrients of food, even in large amounts.

You never have to defrost or scrap ice as the no frost function automatically regulates the humidity levels to prevent frost and ice formation on food or in the appliance freezer section.

This freezer has 4 stars, the highest level of freezing performance. This means that the freezer stays at a temperature of -18 °C or colder, which is the recommended temperature for freezing fresh food.

With bottle chill mode, an alarm sounds at the end of the cool down time. So it's ideal to chill glass bottles in the freezer or to cool food.

4 adjustable shelves in tempered glass with spill guards allow you to customise your storage space.

Vacation mode allows you to keep the empty fridge closed while you're away without a bad odour forming.

An alarm both flashes and sound if the fridge door is left open for more than 5 minutes.

The temperature alarm warns you if something goes wrong with the freezer or the temperature suddenly increases.

Integrated LED light technology that illuminates every corner. The light source is maintenance-free and should last the lifetime of the appliance.

The electronic display clearly shows the status of settings such as important functions, temperature and alarm.

You can easily see what you have in the fridge because the door compartments and vegetable drawers are transparent.

You can choose to mount the door on the right or left side.

Fully integrated fridge/freezer; fitted with the same type of door as other parts of the kitchen.

Sliding door system makes installation quicker and easier since no measuring is needed. Templates guarantee accurate and intuitive installation.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Energy efficiency class: A++.

    Noise level: 39 dB (A).

    Voltage: 230-240V.

    1 bottle shelf included.

    2 crispers included.

    1 egg tray included.

    3 freezer drawers included.

    2 freezer blocks included.

    To be completed with UTRUSTA hinges 95°, sold separately.

    High cabinet frame with ventilated grid, doors, plinth and handles are sold separately.

    Country of origin: Italy.

    This integrated fridge/freezer is to be installed in a kitchen cabinet.

  • Care

    After cleaning, be sure to wipe dry with a soft cloth.

    Clean the inside of the fridge/freezer regularly with a soft cloth damped in warm water and mild soap.

    Regularly check the door seals and wipe clean if needed.

    Do not use solvents or abrasive products on any part of the fridge/freezer.

  • This product bears the CE mark.This product bears the GCC Conformity Mark.


Width: 54.6 cm

Depth: 54.9 cm

Height: 177.2 cm

Cord length: 225.0 cm

Volume, fridge: 192 l

Volume, freezer: 62 l

Weight: 63.00 kg

  • ISANDEArticle number205.543.01

    Width: 60 cm

    Height: 58 cm

    Length: 184 cm

    Weight: 61.70 kg

    Package(s): 1