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Desks & computer desks

Whether you’re working from home, unlocking new game levels or putting in hours at the office, desks and computer desks are by your side. Technically, they’re more at your front. But you know what we mean, desktop desks and furniture are essential for tackling tasks, and we have lots to choose from.

This is our most space-efficient height-adjustable desk ever

The new GLADHÖJDEN desk has a width of only 1 metre, so it fits where most other desks don’t. What’s more, its gas spring allows you to adjust your working position silently and smoothly – no electricity needed. All in all, you can now have a comfortable, flexible and stylish workspace anywhere at home.

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A GLADHÖJDEN sit/stand desk is placed in the corner of a room, in front of windows, and paired with a NILSERIK stand support.
A white GLADHÖJDEN sit/stand desk is placed in the corner of a room, with a laptop and pens on top, and a mirror on the wall.
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Classic IKEA, modern application

Light wood has been an IKEA hallmark from the start. Not only because it looks great, but for its versatility, durability and affordability. This comes together beautifully in the new STENERIK laptop stand – while it also holds your screen high, eases eye strain and facilitates proper posture.

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A laptop, its screen showing an image of a forest, is placed on a STENERIK laptop stand in a space furnished with light wood.
A STENERIK laptop standing on a light-wood surface in a sunlit space with leafy shadows cast on a light wooden wall.
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This could be the start of something big

To think of all the journeys, travelled or imagined, that people have embarked on sitting at a desk! Find one that works for you, and take it from there.

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A BJÖRKBERGET swivel chair and a LOMMARP desk with a vase of flowers and notebooks on top against a wall of framed art.
Two white desks with a VALFRED/SIBBEN children’s desk chair and ELDBERGET/MALSKÄR swivel chair are set under a stairwell.
A workspace with a GRUPPSPEL gaming chair and a RIDSPÖ oak-veneer desk beneath wall-covering dark-green ROSENMANDEL curtains.
Part of a white-stained and light-brown HEMNES desk with one drawer pulled out, revealing a wooden compartment inside.
A workspace with plants, a shelf with a clamp spotlight, an ALEX desk and a dark grey/black LÅNGFJÄLL office chair.
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