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Cushions & cushion covers

Whether you keep the same cushions year round or change them with the seasons, IKEA cushions are an easy way to add a bit of cosy comfort to a sofa, bed or armchair. They are also a great way to add a pop of colour or different textures into your home. Buy cushion pads online from IKEA.

A lively makeover for your cushions

Here’s a bold new cushion cover to update the look – and snuggle-factor – of your bed or sofa. Playful, oversize dots and easy-going neutral colours mean it chimes easily with lots of different textiles, bringing new twists to combinations you create. Get ready to relax and enjoy the comfort.

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A black/beige KLIPPAN sofa in a neutral room with cushions on it covered in black GURLI and dot pattern ODDNY covers.
    Two cushions with dot pattern ODDNY covers on them, on a bed that also has bedding covered in KLYNNETÅG bed linen on it.
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      Cushion covers to help you create the look

      Cushion covers can be your best friend when it comes to giving things like beds, sofas and armchairs a style overhaul. From striking patterns and pretty florals to block colour and textile twists, here are some of our favourites.

      Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a striped HILDAMARIA cushion cover sit on a bed against a wall.

        Ideas to renew your home with cushions

        Get tips on how you can use cushions to refresh your home, coordinate your look, welcome a new season and more.

        Fresh touches with new cushions and covers

        Cushions or cushion covers are a quick, easy way to give things a refresh without breaking your budget. So why not cheer up your old sofa or boost your bedroom today?

        A SÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, with a throw and an extra cushion with a DYTÅG cushion cover, stands in a living room.
        Four cushions, including one in a grey/white STORTIMJAN cushion cover, are piled on a LINANÄS sofa near a throw.
        A bed in a room with a sloping ceiling with JUNIMAGNOLIA white/dark blue bed linen and pink cushions and a throw.
        A cushion covered with a green/striped LINGONOXBÄR cushion cover on the seat of a natural-coloured BACKSÄLEN sofa.
        A white/pink VATTENMÅRA cushion sits on a piece of fabric in a corner of a white BACKSÄLEN 3-seat sofa.
        Cushions in different cushion covers and a dark green INGRUN throw are on a pine NEIDEN bed near a window.
        A PLATSA storage bench with a lot of cushions on top, including one in a JÄTTEPOPPEL cushion cover, stands under a window.
        A cushion in a NÄSSELKLOCKA cushion cover sits on top of cushions in LEIKNY and SANELA cushion covers.