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Curtains & blinds

Your home curtains reveal a lot about your personality and are there to provide all the privacy you need and blocking the light for a deeper sleep. You can choose from the normal curtains, room darkening curtains, and curtain rods & rails. Buy curtains & blinds now online.

Tailor light and darkness in your bedroom

Controlling the light flowing into your bedroom can be key for a good night’s sleep. Combining thick curtains with a sheer blind allows you to fine-tune daylight round the clock. But be sure to add some flowers for mood, too.

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A bed by a window with flowers on the sill, a white HOPPVALS cellular blind and blue HILLEBORG room-darkening curtains.
A bed made with VITKLÖVER bed linen by a window fitted with a light roller blind and blue HILLEBORG room-darkening curtains.
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You can do a lot with curtains

Curtains aren’t just about adding layers of softness and style. They can help you block out light to sleep better, boost your privacy, divide off part of a room so things look calmer, and keep the sunlight off your screen, too.

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A LÅNGFJÄLL conference chair sits at a MELLTORP table in front of blue DYTÅG curtains used as a room divider.
A LAGKAPTEN/KRILLE desk with a FORSÅ work lamp on it stands in front of a window with half-open BENGTA block-out curtains.
A window with a window treatment consisting of a grey KADRILJ wireless/battery-operated roller blind and HANNALILL curtains.
A RÖNNINGE extendable table and RÖNNINGE chairs stand in front of a half-open curtain. Behind the curtain is a kitchen area.
A KRAGSTA table stands in front of a window which has a window treatment including TIBAST room darkening curtains.
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Life’s more relaxing with electric blinds

Pull down your blinds without leaving your sofa. Or put your bedroom blinds on a timer so daylight wakes you gently in the morning. Enjoy a whole new world of convenience with electric blinds.

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A corner in a bedroom with a FYRTUR block-out roller blind in a window near some BERGSHULT/PERSHULT wall shelves.
A woman, on a bed near a KNIXHULT pendant lamp, uses a remote control on KADRILJ roller blinds hanging in the windows.
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