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Armchairs & chaise longues

After a long day at work, all you need is a comfortable chaise lounge chair to relax while reading your favourite book. IKEA armchairs are available in different textiles, shapes and colours. Even your little one may want to sink in one of our children's armchairs. Buy armchairs & chaise longues now.

There’s an armchair for every home

Talk about a win-win choice. Whether you fall for our new, stylish POÄNG cover or go with another expression (or size), you get all the makings of this trusted old friend. Bentwood for strength and flexibility, the curved comfort design – and that soft bounce that turns you into a fan the moment you sit down.

See the POÄNG series
Two POÄNG armchairs, one with a black-and-white pattern and matching footstool, one child-sized, and a soft-toy dog in each.
Part of a softly lit POÄNG armchair with a light-wood frame and a dark cover, in a room with a light-yellow tile floor.
A room with a POÄNG armchair with a yellow cushion and flanked by a KYRRE stool and storage furniture.
A living-room corner with a girl and a woman standing by a pair of light-beige POÄNG armchairs, one of them child-sized.
A light living room with a white-stained-oak-veneer-and-eggshell POÄNG armchair and matching footstool.
See the POÄNG series

Coordinated seating for any living room

Equally stylish on their own or matched with a sofa, find the armchair or chaise longue to sit just right in your home.

POÄNG series – Bentwood with benefits
STRANDMON series – Classic wing chair comfort
SÖDERHAMN series – Deep, low, soft seating comfort

More on the outside – same comfy core

With its new, loose and washable slipcover, there are even more ways to enjoy the classic comfort of a STRANDMON wing chair. Use it to refresh the room, raise your matching game, or simply for variety.

See the STRANDMON series
A living room corner with a yellow STRANDMON wing chair and a grey STRANDMON children’s armchair.
A STRANDMON wing chair with a beige slipcover, with an open book and cushions in it, and a blanket draped over the side.
See the STRANDMON series