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All set for school? Let’s ace it

As parents, we want kids to have what they need for school and learning at home, too. But every day is different, and so is every family. Let us help you create solutions that suit your space and budget, that kids can use their own way.

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Kids’ belongings hang on HÖVOLM racks. SKÅDIS pegboards, PERJOHAN stools and the racks form organised areas for two kids.
A FUBBLA work lamp and TJENA desk organisers filled with supplies are on top of two MICKE desks. Markers are on the desktop.
FUBBLA work lamps, MICKE desks, a VALFRED/SIBBEN desk chair and ELDBERGET/MALSKÄR swivel chair are under the stairs.
A checked bag and clothes hang on a PLUGGLAND door hanger. A LÄRBRO mirror is on the wall with SKOGSVIKEN hooks underneath.
Kids’ belongings hang from HÖVOLM racks below SKÅDIS pegboards. The pegboards and racks form organised areas for children.
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Perfect school life balance

Growing up, kids change from year to year. Life changes fast, but the furniture doesn’t have to!.

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A child sits under a PÅHL desk with a work lamp and art supplies on it. A pink children’s desk chair is pushed underneath it.
A teen girl studies at a PÅHL desk at the tallest setting. She is in a ELDBERGET/MALSKÄR swivel chair, looking at a laptop.
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